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Spring Travels: Florida

Spring Travels: Florida: Sunny Florida in May. Many people from Minnesota escape the snow and cold to spend January, February, and March in the Florida sunshine. I was not one of those fortunate enough to escape a Minnesota winter for a retreat to Florida.  This trip happened during May, just as things are warming up and turning green back home.  So why visit Florida in May?  One reason is that having been in Nashville, one is halfway there already. Another is a chance to spend some time with my daughter before she heads off for summer school. And then there is business.

There are a few things on the agenda relating to Ecclesiastical Sewing while in Florida.  And I hope you will enjoy some of them as much as I did.

Our first stop took us north of Tampa to a small monastery. The scenery was beautiful as we arrived on the college campus and drove over to the chapel.

St. Leo Monastery

St Leo's Monastery, Travel in Florida,

St. Leo Monastery is situated in an ideal location set against a backdrop of water from a small lake. As one steps out of their car, the peaceful silence is immediately noticeable. No traffic; no other people around. Nothing but quiet for contemplation and prayer. The next thing one notices is the chapel facade’s simple beauty, which is complimented by lovely landscaping and walking paths. The sun was brightly shining in a clear blue sky which gave a bright, almost overwhelming gleam that reflected off the white walls.

Upon stepping into the chapel, the contrast is striking with the rich terracotta stone and tile colors which create a cooler feel and a more subdued lighting effect. This combination gives the inside of the chapel a sense of peace and quiet suited for prayer and quiet worship.

St. Leo Monastery Liturgical Fabric

The chapel interior has several small altars with beautiful statues and wall hangings lining the side walls.

Tapestry Fabric

Ecclesiastical Wall Hanging Tapestry Liturgical Fabric

The tapestry fabric in the wall hangings has rich colors of deep reds, rusts, golds, and terracotta, combined with a pastel blue or lavender. The colors changed as the photos were taken, so memory does not recall the exact shade beyond how it was captured above. Regards, that touch of a lighter color keeps the design from becoming washed too washed out.

Ecclesiastical Wall Hanging Tapestry Liturgical fabric

Monastery Musings

The pattern on this fabric has alternating rows of large and small motifs.  It is the perfect backdrop for the beautiful statues used throughout this lovely chapel.

I am always amazed that when one takes their time to look around at a church or chapel, there is often much more to look at and enjoy than what one would ever imagine, even if it is not specifically a church vestment item. A tasteful fabric can also be a thing of beauty, especially when it is used in the perfect setting.

I enjoyed my brief visit to the monastery very much. There are a few more items I hope to share from this site visit, but they will have to wait for my return.

For those of you enjoying your own summer travels, be sure to leave a comment and a link to any photo treasures posted to Flickr or Facebook. Thanks for tagging along on this Ecclesiastical Sewing monastery visit.

Solo Dei Gloria

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