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Ecclesiastical Embroidery: Travels in Search of Treasures

Ecclesiastical Embroidery: Travels in Search of Treasures:

Greetings.  It has been a while since my last post.  Life has a way of rushing past, getting to the end of one day with barely a moment to spare when a new day begins afresh. Much has been going on behind the scenes at Ecclesiastical Sewing in preparation for the new website launch.  The closer the launch date gets, and the more that is completed, the more one realizes how much remains yet to be done. As much as I would like everything to be picture perfect and to launch all at once, with a staff of only 3 (Me, Myself, and I), the reality is that things will launch in stages over time.  I thank you in advance for your patient endurance as preparations continue.

Since it is now May and my travel season has begun, I thought you might enjoy some of the scenery on the first leg of travels for this year.

Spring travel this year started with our daughter’s College Graduation in Nashville, TN. Trees and grass were just putting on their first coats of early spring green as we left Minnesota behind, but Nashville was vividly dressed with roses in full bloom!

Search for Treasures

Roses in Bloom Spring in Nashville
Roses in Bloom Spring in Nashville

The beauty and fragrance awaited us the moment we stepped out of the airport.  What a delight warmer climates can be in the spring!

Roses in Bloom Spring in Nashville
Roses in Bloom Spring in Nashville

Our time in Nashville was spent at the lovely Belmont University Campus. Although there are many churches in Nashville, there was no time to plan any visits in search of church vestments and church embroidery on this trip. With what seems like hundreds of Churches in the area, perhaps a future visit might yield some church vestment treasures. For this trip, it will be a matter of being on the lookout for anything unexpected.

Ecclesiastical Summer Travels

The grounds of Belmont are beautifully landscaped with flowers, blooming shrubs, and large expanses of lawn.

Beautiful Architectural Details

Belmont is  Christian University, so as we walked around, my camera was at the ready just in case there might be something of interest that might spark the imagination.

Bellmont University Nashville

The Campus at Belmont has many lovely buildings with classical architectural details. Sadly, there was nothing specific to view or photograph about church vestments on campus, so one always keeps an eye open for other sources of inspiration.

Nashville Car Show

Saturday morning took us to Franklin, TN for the car show.

Italian Cars Nashville

There were exclusive cars from Italy and

Nashville Car Show

the United Kingdom! This was not quite what I had in mind for church vestment inspiration…………..but with darling husband and two teenage sons along, we had to enjoy some of their interests on this trip, too.

School Banner, Mace and Doctoral Gowns, Ecclesiastical Embroidery

Educational and Ecclesiastical Attire

Later on Saturday afternoon, the Graduation Processional began with the Mace and Banner of Belmont. Although not explicitly a church banner, schools, and universities often use the same fabrics for making their banners as those used for church banners and vestments. After the mace and banner, the processional continued with professors of the college dressed in their gowns and hoods.

Doctoral Gowns and Hoods, Ecclesiastical Embroidery

Each professor wears an academic gown and hood made with fabrics in the colors of their college. In some locations, clergy may also wear hoods as part of their garments. There are a few old vestment pattern books that have the original patterns for making a hood for either academic or ecclesiastical use.

St. Aidan and Cloister Liturgical Fabrics

There are two Ecclesiastical or Liturgical fabrics, St. Aidan and Cloister, which are popular choices for use in University Wear as well as for making church vestments, especially in the United Kingdom. St. Aidan and Cloister are a nice choice for those interested in working on a first project using Liturgical Fabrics. The repeats are easy to work work, and the price point is easy on the budget.  Keep an eye open for more information in the coming weeks on St. Aidan and Cloister.

And so leg one of this trip is finished. Next stop, sunny Florida.

Soli Deo Gloria

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