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Tag: Sewing Orphrey bands

Sewing Orphrey bands are a fantastic way to add beauty and elegance to liturgical garments. These decorative bands are made of quality materials and are placed on the edges of vestments and other liturgical items. It also, adds style to the final product. Not only do they enhance the overall aesthetic of the garment, but they also serve to protect the edges from wear and tear.

Adding Orphrey bands to your sewing projects is a great way to take your skills to the next level. Not only do they provide an opportunity for creativity, but they also demonstrate the sewing skill level. The intricate designs and patterns of Orphrey bands require precision and attention to detail. It makes them a challenging but fun addition to any sewing project. Sewing Orphrey bands are an excellent way to showcase your abilities and create beautiful, functional pieces that will stand the test of time.

Linen Alb Sewing Pattern for Priests

The One With The Misplaced Orphrey — February’s Snowstorm Part 4

Martin The Mannequin – Episode 4
In the snowy aftermath of a storm, a mannequin named Martin finds himself seeking warmth in a boutique. To his surprise, he encounters living mannequins, and his presence sparks excitement. Despite wanting to leave Minnesota, Martin gets drawn into helping with sewing tasks by a determined house elf named Timothy. As the snowstorm rages outside, Martin learns the art of pinning and discovers a newfound appreciation for the lakes of Minnesota.

Church vestment fabric Liturgical Fabric Sewing church vestmentbs Making church vestments Ecclesaistical Sewing Chasuble patterns Chasuble orphrey bands

Creating Orphrey Bands for Church Vestments

Ecclesiastical Sewing introduces new Chasuble patterns with fancy trims called orphrey bands. The blog explains orphrey bands’ history and talks about the special St. Hubert Brocatelle fabric. It shows how to choose trims and cut the fabric to make these beautiful church vestments, making the process easy to understand for everyone.

Red and Gold Liturgical Brocade Fabrics

St. Hubert, designed by Sir Ninian Comper, was first produced as a liturgical fabric pattern circa 1890. This design has been recently reintroduced on a church fabric and is still lovely for use in making church vestments. As with most of Comper’s textiles, the inspiration for St. Hubert is of Netherlandish origin. This work comes from a 15th-century painting from the exhumation of St. Hubert. The fabric, made from a blend of cotton, silk, and metallic fibers, shimmers with accents of gold. While St. Hubert has a predominant right side, the fabric is also suitable for use on the “reverse” side, which makes for interesting design options

Deacon Stole Patterns | Deacon Stole Sewing Patterns | Deacon Stoles

Final Pattern: A Stole for Our Deacons

The deacon stole pattern is no more difficult to make than a pastoral or clergy stole. The deacon stole sewing pattern has mitered seams at the shoulder and waist. It uses two pattern pieces: one for the top and one for the bottom of the stole. There are also separate pattern pieces for the interfacing and lining. The pattern allows for a 5/8” seam. A variety of cross appliques can be used on the shoulder seam. Whichever cross is chosen, will have a prominent display when the vestment is worn. Tassels or fringe may be applied at the bottom of the deacon stole, just as with the clergy stoles

Chalice veil for Good Friday and Lent

Making a Chalice Veil Part II: Good Friday Chalice Veil

The Saint Augustine Chalice Veil is made from Silk Dupioni, which is a great option for black vestments used on Good Friday. Silk Dupioni is a good fabric choice for church vestment making because it looks rich, has a natural sheen, and a depth of color. Combining a solid fabric with a patterned orphrey allows the vestment to be visible from more than the first few rows of church pews.

Fairford Violet Liturgical Brocade

Lent and Advent Pastor or Priest Stoles and Rose Stole for Laetare Sunday

Ecclesiastical Sewing introduces new designs in the Pastor or Priest Stole Collection for Lent and Advent. The Pope Gregory Violet Silk Dupioni Priest Stole, designed with gold trim and cross detail, is a featured stole. Available in various versions, with orphrey bands and tassels. Additionally, the Rose Stole, designed for Laetare and Gaudete Sundays, adds a special to the Penitential Seasons. The St. Ambrose Pastor or Priest Stole in rich violet hues. These stoles offer bespoke quality at an affordable price.

Silk Dupioni with Evesham closeup

Silk Dupioni Liturgical Stole Kit with Evesham Orphrey

Our new 4 1/2″ pastoral stole has a guideline for cutting stole orphreys for use at the lower edge, as well as for use on the upper chest. The orphrey size and guideline placement have been developed based on the design rule of thirds and by years of practice. Now, these placement and cutting sizes are “guidelines” and are not meant to take the place of checking to verify that the placement works for each and every situation. They are intended to help create a sense of balance and proportion when making a pastoral stole, by providing a starting point for the placement of orphrey bands or appliques.

St Dominic blue tassel gold crosses on York brocade

Liturgical Brocade Fabric for Pastoral Stole Kits

Ivory York Liturgical Brocade, a subtle, but lovely fabric, is featured in this photo. The cotton is used as interfacing for pastoral stoles. One could also use hair canvas such as that used in tailoring, but it is often difficult to locate and can be expensive. The canvas that is 100% Cotton in medium to heavy weight is my favorite interfacing of choice for providing needed body, weight, and stability to a pastoral stole. Satin lining is included with all stole kits and is in a matching or contrasting color.

Two Toned Violet Gold Fairford on Silk Dupioni

4 1/2 Inch Wide Pastoral Stole Pattern

The 4 1/2″ pastoral or priest stole is designed to accommodate a variety of heights. It has cutting lines for a 51″, 53″, and 55″ finished length. The length can easily be changed to allow for a hem that is plain with no trim or a hem trimmed with fringe or tassels. While I find the 53″ stole works well for a wide variety of needs, with or without a fringe or tassel lower edge. It was important to offer the option of a pastoral stole pattern with different lengths to more readily accommodate those who need a longer or shorter stole. In addition, the stole pattern also has a lengthened and shortened line to allow for further customization.

St. Hubert Fabric

Orphrey Bands for Altar Frontal

The Orphrey bands for the altar frontal will be cut from St. Hubert Gold/Gold. St. Hubert is a brocatelle Ecclesiastical Fabric originally designed by Sir Ninian Comper and produced by M. Perkins and Sons circa 1890. The fabric will be available on our new website shortly after the first of the year in several colorways, including Red/Gold, White/Gold, Blue/Gold, Black/Gold, and Gold/Gold as in the above photo.  St. Hubert is one of my favorite go-to ecclesiastical fabrics.  It cuts up well for use in orphrey bands. The above orphrey bands are approximately 7″ wide before adding any trims