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There are several whitework altar linen projects waiting in the wings in what has now become the Ecclesiastical Sewing workroom.  Church vestment pattern-making is going full steam at the moment, and you know what job pattern-making does to the workroom. There are papers of all sizes, rulers and markers, pencils and tape scattered a muck. Yikes! Try as one might, disorder reigns during the pattern-making process.

Pattern Making

One pattern-making project, a monastic choir alb, is almost at the point of completion.  Pattern-making is a process that takes time, but thankfully three sizes are complete, and only two sizes remain. The next pattern will hopefully be completed in a week or so. Then things can be tidied up and put in order.

A week can seem like an eternity when there is altar linen hand embroidery waiting in the wings. Thankfully, there is a piece of linen, pre-shrunk and ready to be made into purificators, lavabo towels, corporals, or even fair linen. Or, an amice might be in the works. Time will tell which project wins out.

As a consolation for the delay in being able to start a new altar linen project, a quick peek at some photos of whitework embroidery on linens seems just the thing to keep the stitching flame alive.

And now, sweet dreams of trailing stitches with seed stitch fillings and padded satin stitching will tide me over for another day.

Solo Dei Gloria

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