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This evening’s post will have a little something to share with those wishing to start an Ecclesiastical Embroidery Project.  This church embroidery design is from a Vintage Resource dating back to the 1800s.  Still in a “rough draft” form, the plan is to continue modifying and refining this design over time.

How could you use a church embroidery design like this? The possibilities are endless.

Embroidery Designs

Vintage Ecclesiastical Cross Design Rough Draft
Vintage Ecclesiastical Cross Design Rough Draft









One option for this design would be whitework on linens such as the Fairlinen which is on top of the altar, or smaller linens such as purificators, lavabo towels, and corporals.  Fairlinens usually have five crosses embroidered on the top: one in the center, and one in each of the four corners as the cloth sits on the top of the altar. Purificators have one design centered on one edge.  This would also work as a design for the center of a pall which is placed over the top of the chalice.  This design presents many stitch opportunities for whitework.

If silk and gold threads are more to your liking, this design (adjusting the size) would work on stole ends, on the chest area of the stole, or on the end of a maniple.

Place the design in a quatrefoil frame, and it would be a simple design for the back of a chasuble over the intersection of “Y” orphreys, or on a burse.  Scan the design on PaintShop, stretch and elongate it slightly, and place it in a double oval ring which could again be used on a stole or on a chasuble.  A chalice veil would be lovely with a simple design like this.

Using Dice Trim and some creativity, a simple design like this could enhance orphreys and apparel of chasubles and dalmatics similar to the vestments in the photo.

Dice Trim

Dice Trim used on Vestments and Altar Hangings
Dice Trim used on Vestments and Altar Hangings

Over the next few weeks and months, I plan on working up variations for Ecclesiastical Designs for use on vestments and spending some time talking about different vestments.  The best part about Ecclesiastical Sewing is that there is always so much more to learn.   So do you have a favorite Ecclesiastical embroidery design?

Below you will find a link to the cross-rough draft design to try for yourself.

Cross Design 2 Ecclesiastical Sewing *

Solo Dei Gloria

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*Design intended for private use only.

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