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In religious ceremonies, liturgical stoles hold key importance, and at Ecclesiastical Sewing. we consistently create quality liturgical stoles that are not only authentic but also comfortable to wear. We carefully design our stoles, selecting fabric and stitching with precision to ensure each piece is finely designed and sturdy. And used traditional construction methods, ensuring that we meet all liturgical guidelines.

At Ecclesiastical Sewing, we present collections of stole patterns, ranging from 3.5″ and 4.5″ wide Pastors & Priests Stole patterns to 5″ wide Clergy Stole patterns and V-Neck Priest Stole Sewing patterns. We also offer specialized patterns, such as our Deacon Stole Sewing pattern and Latin Mass Tapered Stole Maniple pattern. With numerous patterns available, we provide options to accommodate both traditional and modern styles, including colors suitable for every liturgical season.

Our commitment to quality ensures that our liturgical stoles are not only visually stunning but also comfortable to wear. Through precise stitching and attention to detail, we make stoles that are durable and will serve for years.

In conclusion, Ecclesiastical Sewing dedicates itself to authenticity, comfort, and quality in making liturgical stoles. Whether you are a pastor, priest, or another member of the clergy, we offer the perfect stole pattern for you. Explore our online store for a wide array of ecclesiastical collections to enhance your religious settings today!

Church Stole Pattern

Church Vestment Stole Patterns for Pastors and Priests by Ecclesiastical Sewing

Discover easy-to-use sewing patterns for pastor and priest stoles at Ecclesiastical Sewing. From classic designs like the 3 1/2-inch stole to versatile options like the Transitional Deacon to Priest stole, our patterns come with clear instructions. Create unique and meaningful church vestments with our user-friendly designs.

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Top Five Traditional Clergy Stole Patterns for Church Vestment

Ecclesiastical Sewing has developed a range of clergy stole patterns to cater to various preferences and historical inspirations. The top five traditional stole patterns include: 4.5 Inch Stole Pattern. A versatile workhorse pattern with a width that accommodates embroidery designs. V-Neck Stole Pattern: Slightly wider at almost 5 inches and featuring a V-shaped point at the back neckline. 3.5 Inch Stole Pattern: Reflecting the historical description by George Tack. Deacon Stole Pattern: It features mitered seams at the shoulder and hip. Lastly, Tapered Stole Pattern: Reflecting changes in history, this stole style is characterized by a narrow fitted neckline that gradually widens at the hemline.

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Top 5 Pastor Stole Finishing Touches

When making pastor or priest stoles in the Ecclesiastical Sewing workroom, there are always a few last-minute details to stitch up before completing that final press and sending a stole off to a new church home. These guidelines when you create your own stoles just like we do in the Ecclesiastical Sewing Studios, you will be well on your way to having a finely “polished” and finished pastor or priest stole.

Custom Clergy Stoles | Custom Stoles or Priest Chasubles

How to Determine the Correct Stole Length

Pastors and priests come in all sizes from petite to very tall, with many variations in between. Our standard 4 1/2-inch wide clergy stole style is 53 inches long before adding any tassels or trims. The 53 inches is measured from the Center Back neckline to the bottom edge of the stole. The stole length is perfect fit for people who are approximately 5’6″ to 5’11” tall. The 51-inch clergy stole is designed for people who are 5’5″ tall or shorter. The 55-inch stole works well for people who are 6′ tall and over. There are many different stole styles, and the finished length of the stole will also vary based on the selected stole style.

Church Vestment Making Classes Fall 2018

Church Vestment Making Classes Fall 2018

The Five Day Conference Includes several different Course Offerings: Beginning Stole Making, Advanced Stole Making, Pulpit Falls, and Monastic Chasubles.  Most students will start with the Beginning Stole Making Course and move on to the Advanced Stole Making or Pulpit Falls. Course Details, kit fees, and other pertinent information are available on the conference website.

Deacon Stole Patterns | Deacon Stole Sewing Patterns | Deacon Stoles

Final Pattern: A Stole for Our Deacons

The deacon stole pattern is no more difficult to make than a pastoral or clergy stole. The deacon stole sewing pattern has mitered seams at the shoulder and waist. It uses two pattern pieces: one for the top and one for the bottom of the stole. There are also separate pattern pieces for the interfacing and lining. The pattern allows for a 5/8” seam. A variety of cross appliques can be used on the shoulder seam. Whichever cross is chosen, will have a prominent display when the vestment is worn. Tassels or fringe may be applied at the bottom of the deacon stole, just as with the clergy stoles

V-Neck pastor or priest stole sewing pattern on white paper - create your own stole

On point with a V-Neck Stole Pattern

The V-Neck stole sewing pattern has become a favorite, a wider stole and can be made long enough to complement height requirements. This V-neck stole pattern is not any more difficult to make than a curved neck stole. There are points marked on the pattern to stitch so that the point will come out correctly. The pattern allows for a 5/8” seam. A variety of cross appliques can be used on the back neck seam.

tapered stole large

A Tapered Stole

Our tapered stole pattern is one of the patterns that work with only the size “B” kits–this is the Silk Dupioni stole kit. It has cutting lines for a 43″ and 52″ finished length. The narrower width at the back neckline fits securely while the stole then tapers to a wider width at the lower end.  This creates a unique look that complements fabrics without distractions. A plain silk dupioni–which can come in almost any color shade–will look natural through the width changes.

Silk dupioni Fabric in an array of colors

The First Pattern to go with Silk Dupioni: 5 inch stole

The First Pattern to go with Silk Dupioni: 5-inch stole kits which include–face fabric, canvas, and lining–for making your own stole, but only one stole kit–Silk Dupioni–comes in both sizes online. Our 5”clergy stole pattern is one of the patterns that work with size “B” kits–this one will only work with Silk Dupioni stole kits. Each of our stole patterns has the option for different lengths of hem, which is perfect for sewing for different heights.

The 4.5 inch Stole pattern

The 4.5 inch pattern; Our Tried & True Stole

Our 4.5” stole pattern is the second of the two patterns that work with size “A” cut kits–this one works with all of the kit sizes. This stole pattern is also our standard. this 4.5” stole is the “go to” stole design. 4.5 inches means the finished width of the stole. It is a great one-size-fits-all and this allows for the flexibility of use.

Narrow Stole Bands Tassel

Why the 3.5″ Stole Pattern is Extra Special

Our 3.5” stole pattern is one of the two patterns that work with size “A” cut kits–that is all the kits. So the 3.5” pattern is a safe bet for stole-making. The 3.5” stole pattern is extra special. This versatile pattern can create a stole that is worn as a deacon stole and as a priest/pastor stole later. One pattern. One stole. Two ways to wear! It is a bit narrower and this allows for the flexibility of use. Each of our stole patterns has the option for different lengths of hem, which is perfect for sewing for different heights.

Which Patterns for Which Stole Kits?

Size “A” is all that is available for all the other fabrics: Luther Rose Brocade, Evesham Lurex Brocade, Litchfield Brocade, St. Aidan Brocade, York Brocade, Cloister Brocade, Florence Brocade, Fairford Two Toned Brocade, Fairford Brocade, Ely Crown Brocade, Glastonbury Brocade, and Winchester Brocade. When you select one of these and put it in your cart for purchase, you are only purchasing enough to make a 3.5” or 4.5” stole.
Size “B” stoles– V-neck stoles, Deacon stoles, Tapered stoles, and 5” stoles. Each pattern of the brocade is different and so must be cut according to that specific pattern repeated.