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It’s Not Too Late – Vestment Making Class

Chasuble Vestment making class stole making class church vestments Liturgical Arts Conference

It’s not too late for a vestment-making class, with a few short weeks to go, there is still time to sign up for the Liturgical Arts Conference in Canton, MS.  The conference has a wide variety of workshops in various realms of the Liturgical Arts.

Liturgical arts conference canton Mississippi red silk dupioni pastoral pastor stole how to sew liturgical Church vestments blue silk brocade metallic gold magenta purple white red

For those interested in learning to make vestments, there will be stole-making classes.  The above photos are some of the stoles created in the class last year.  Students learn to work with brocade patterns, learn to match brocade patterns, create and match orphrey bands, apply the lining so the neckline turns smooth and even, and so much more.

pastor stole liturgical garment vestment deep pink magenta burgundy fuchsia silk brocade embroidery cross needlework pattern floral gold trim

This is a photo of a student’s work in process – the stole is basted and ready to hem up the bottom ends.

pastor stole liturgical garment vestment red silk brocade cream pattern floral gold trim

One of our students creates both of these lovely stoles. The Cream stole is the V-neck style. The cream stole was very lovely, as were all of the other stoles.

pastor stole liturgical garment vestment deep blue silk brocade embroidery cross needlework pattern floral gold trim yellow sewing pins process DIY how to sew

Pulpit falls were part of the second class session. Students learned how to create orphrey trims, add fringe, and finish their pulpit falls.

Monastic Chasuble

Monastic Chasuble

This year we will be adding a chasuble class to our offerings.  The initial chasuble style being offered for the class is a Monastic Chasuble. This is a full and elegant chasuble with a center column orphrey and sleeve accents. This chasuble will be created using a silk dupioni. The color options are available.

Gothic chasuble with Y orphrey bands church vestment priest clothing Christmas vestments catholic priest vestments

We have expanded the chasuble class offering to include a Gothic-style chasuble with “Y” orphrey columns on the front and back.  The chasuble may be created with a silk dupioni or brocade. (Material and supply costs will vary based on the final selection).

Now there is one final option that is being added…….. and it will require that the student has prior approval before signing up for the chasuble class

In addition to the existing classes, we are adding a Latin Mass-style chasuble and a St. Philip Neri Chasuble to the class offerings. The patterns for these styles are just “hot” off the press. These will be more complicated vestments that require advanced-level sewing skills. These patterns are not for a beginner seamstress. Students must have prior sewing skills and instructor approval before taking the Latin Mass Chasuble or St. Phil Neri Chasuble session. The best recommendation is to have students sign up for the Monastic or Gothic Chasuble class for this year to learn basic skills and then take the advanced class next year.

For more information, please contact us by email or visit the Liturgical Arts Center to register for classes. We look forward to seeing you in October!

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  1. Good morning, Carrie!

    I’m looking forward to continuing on with our work together, and Canton is just around the bend.

    I placed a deposit some months back and will be paying the balance in the next week. Can you tell me what my fees will be for constructing a chasuble in the rose colored dupioni silk with the cranberry colored ophery band? (The Gray Center has the fees listed at 885.00. Room and board is a separate fee).

    You might remember that I purchased the materials last year to make a rose colored stole to practice the skills learned in class and have it ready for this fall’s companion piece.

    Thanks so much,



    • Hi Shelley,
      I am looking forward to seeing you again this fall! It won’t be long. I will email you about the details for class and look forward to seeing you soon!

      Best regards,