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An Interesting Item

Today’s post will be short, as I’m off to celebrate a birthday.  But I thought I’d share an interesting item as my special gift with you before heading out.

Pleated Linen
Pleated Linen

The surprise is out of the box, but not completely opened.  But before I unbundle the rest of this surprise, I need to pull a few Ecclesiastical Books off my shelf to give you a little background and history on this interesting item.  Any guesses as to what it might be?  I’ll give you a hint:  it is a linen fabric, and it is old.  And it is not window curtains………ops! That was three hints.

Have a wonderful day!

Solo Dei Gloria

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  1. It’s an alb ironed and pleated alb….they where ironed and folded in this way to prevent wrinkles when not in use…before the days of hanging storage…it travels very when ironed and pleated.

  2. Happy New Year and I hope you enjoy the birthday.

    When I first saw it, I thought it might be an altar cloth, but slightly closer inspection seems to reveal a yoke at the top left, which leads me to suspect that it is a cotta or surplice with lace inserts.
    Fr Andrew

    • Happy New Year. The birthday was an enjoyable day.
      Your guess is a good one! It is a surplice. I’m still trying to research this unusual treatment and will try to share that, along with photos soon. I wanted to check an historical vestment to make sure my surplice pattern is accurate, and to see how an older vestment was made compared to a modern version.