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Litchfield Brocade Dossal Curtain

Litchfield Brocade Dossal Curtain: Earlier this week, Ashley shared a photo of the Dossal Curtain Project for Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. The project came about as a desire to update a chancel with the addition of color and to beautify the Lord’s House of Worship.

Litchfiled Brocade

Like all churches, ours needs to manage a budget, and many heads worked together with approval from our pastor and elders on this project. The church needed a touch of color. We also mark a special observance this Easter season. It was ten years ago that we first moved into our present location. When a church builds a new facility, funds are often limited. Things like furnishings often get eliminated. Yet after ten years, it is time for a few updates, and so, the Dossal curtain idea was born of necessity.

Creation of Dossal Curtain

Careful research was done as to the style of the Dossal Curtain that would be used. Consultations were had with members of the Board of Properties and they assisted in coming up with the idea for the Rod and Brackets to hold the Dossal Curtain. The fabric was selected with the approval of the Pastor, the Elders, and the Altar Guild. The Fabric chosen for the Dossal is the lovely and rich Litchfield Brocade with Red/Gold Fairford orphrey bands edged with Landsdowne Braid. These fabric and trim combinations create a stunning final result that has added beauty and color to our church.

The project has also done another thing. It has brought many people in the church together to work on this common goal. Many ladies contributed their time and talents with cutting, basting, sewing, and finishing the Dossal curtains. There were members of the church properties board and many of the gentlemen of the congregation who helped create storage space for the Dossal curtains which are now three in number. They helped hang brackets, cut the rod, and painted things.

I am honored to be a part of a church that helps take an idea to add beauty to the Lord’s House and gives of their time and talents to make the project a reality.

We would love to know what others have been creating for their churches. Please comment on the projects you are currently working on for your churches!

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