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Category: Goldwork threads

When it comes to embroidery, goldwork threads play a vital role in determining the final result. Ecclesiastical Sewing offers a vast collection of quality embroidery threads that can take your project to the next level.

Our goldwork threads come in different options, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect match for your design. With our threads, you can create intricate and detailed designs that will inspire you.

We offer a selection of passing threads, jacerons, check threads, and twists that come in different sizes and bright colors. They add details, textures, and depth to your religious vestments, paraments, altar hanging, and church fabric projects.

Our passing threads are great for outlining small details, while jacerons and check threads make your designs more interesting. Try out twists, available in different sizes, perfect for making intricate braids and twists that make your embroidery even more stunning.

The goldwork threads are not only visually appealing but also durable. Made from quality materials, they can endure daily wear and tear and maintain their bright colors for a long time.

At Ecclesiastical Sewing, we understand that embroidery threads are an art form that demands precision and skill. Therefore, we provide only quality goldwork threads that can enhance your work and bring your designs to shimmering results.

Gilt Gold Twist Goldwork thread Gold work embroidery Ecclesiastical Sewing

Gilt Twist Goldwork Threads for Hand Embroidery

Gilt Twist goldwork threads, particularly in sizes No. 3 or No. 4 for outer edges and No. 1 1/2 or No. 2 for smaller areas, beautifully enhance goldwork appliques in embroidery. The choice of twist size depends on the design’s details and the width of the gold edge, ensuring a neat finish with one pass of stitching in pairs.

Goldwork Embroidery Thread Imitation Japanese Gold Threads K1, K2, K3, K4 Goldwork hand embroidery Ecclesiastical sewing

Imitation Japanese Goldwork Embroidery Threads

Those who love hand embroidery and goldwork, these are Imitation Japanese Gold threads available in sizes No. 13, No. 12, No. 9, and No. 8 which are also known as K1, K2, K3, and K4. The gold threads are used in pairs. The gold threads are often worked on a padded surface such as felt padding. They may also be used as a finishing edge around an embroidered applique. The gold foil has a lovely burnished color that looks fiery – gold in a finished project.

Couching threads: Japan Thread in size 1 on two shades of gold and silver, and black cord

Outlining: Finishing Touch or Distraction

Ecclesiastical Embroidery and Vestment Projects,
– Improving faraway visibility in church embroidery can be tricky. Delicate silver thread on Angel Wings looks nice up close but might fade from a distance. Adding a black outline helps, but it raises concerns about muting the shimmer and blending with the blue background. Deciding between keeping the black for definition or adding more silver threads is a right choice in Ecclesiastical Embroidery.

Adding the first strand of Gold Thread

IHS Embroidery Update

IHS Goldwork Embroidery for the Rose Vestment Set Altar Frontal. Inspired by a detailed Fleur end in a design notebook, Silk Wrapped Purl was used for the cross. The technique involves a central line splitting into two at the Fleur ends. Adding a second gold thread using the “turn one, cut one method” from the A to Z Goldwork Book by Inspirations

Simple Green Chasuble with Goldwork Embroidery

Simple Details

Ecclesiastical Sewing and embroidery elevate pieces through simple details. Inspiration comes from various sources, such as photos, sketches, and notes. For instance, a plain green chasuble with goldwork embroidery gains visual appeal with a flowing gold scroll twist along the galloon trim. This detail softens the transition between the large floral motif and the clean galloon line, enhancing the overall design.

Stitches come up on the outside of the threads

Goldwork Progress

Tips and techniques that can make goldwork progress
– IHS Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design for a Rose Vestment Set. Using the couching technique, she starts with horizontal and vertical rows, opting for a turn-one, plunge-one method to manage thread ends. The needle is placed between gold threads, angled under the previous row, and pulled tight. The chosen couching style creates a brick pattern with alternating stitch placement…

goldwork embroidery

Challenges with Goldwork Embroidery

At the start of the goldwork embroidery project, there were some issues. The gold threads got stuck and wouldn’t go through as planned. Despite trying different things, they just wouldn’t cooperate. The problem was found—it was the muslin backing causing entanglement between layers. So, the decision was made to start over. The silk dupioni was securely attached to the Alba Maxima Linen, allowing for corrections. This time, the plan is to stitch from the center outward, hoping for a smoother process.

Imitation Japanese Gold Thread for Liturgical Embroidery

Green and Gold Braid

Excitement as gold threads from England arrive for the IHS Altar Frontal project. Oakleaf design trims add elegance. Silk Dupioni in Olive green chosen as a canvas for the Rose Vestment Set. Introducing a mix of Soie Paris Embroidery floss and Or ‘Nue techniques. Join us in the exciting journey of making with dazzling, sparkling, and glittering designs!