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Glitters of Goldwork Embroidery Threads

Glitters of Goldwork Embroidery Threads: Now that the initial task of getting the Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design for the Easter Set Pulpit fall has been accomplished and the laid threads of the Italian stitch seem to suit the area selected, it is time for the next experiment in stitching.  I am pretty confident this should work, but there are a few things still to consider.

Selecting gold threads for Easter Set Pulpit Fall Ecclesiastical Embroidery

Gold Threads for Couching Soie Ovale

For instance, which of the gold threads in the drawer is best suited for this stitching?  The area is rather small, so the gold thread to be used for couching the Soie Ovale must be very fine. It must be pliable and bend easily.  And naturally, it must be beautiful. That is a rather odd thought. One might ask, “Aren’t all gold threads beautiful?” Of course, the answer is, yes………….most are beautiful.  There are, however, certain gold threads that are VERY beautiful.  Let us save that topic for another day when I can pull out some of the treasures from the drawer and show you.

Glitters of Goldwork Embroidery Threads

For now, when it comes to selecting goldwork threads for two separate areas of the project, I am looking at several options. The first is Imitation Japan Thread which can be couched down for use on the cross arms. The threads being considered are the T69, T70, T71, and T72 as well as the Imitation Japanese gold thread in sizes K1, K2, K3, and K4 as pictured in the photo above.

Ecclesiastical Sewing Easter Pulpit Fall Goldwork Thread

New Options in Imitation Japanese Gold Threads

A new source for Imitation Japanese Gold threads just came up a few months back that has different sizes for the thread.  The samples I have are sizes 9 and 12.  These new threads can be purchased in very large bulk quantities for a reasonable price. These are the traditional choice of gold threads used for couching.  A decision has to be made on which of these to use. I will have to make it soon as a rather large amount will be needed to stitch the cross-arms.  Right now, the thought is to do a basket weave with the gold thread over a very fine baby cord.  To know which thread will offer the best results will conduct testing on a sample.

Ecclesiastical Sewing Easter Pulpit Fall Thread

Silk and Gold Threads for Ecclesiastical Embroidery

The other threads in this photo are silk threads from Tyre. This is a wonderful thread for use in couching goldwork.  It is very fine, has a lovely sheen, and sews beautifully.  This is the perfect thread for use with the Gold Elizabethan Twist. The Elizabethan Twist is a very fine and delicate gold thread. It is very flexible, and it shimmers. It is made from a percentage of real gold and is lovely to work with.  Elizabethan Thread and many of the goldwork hand embroidery threads above are available through our website.

Once this church embroidery project gets a little further down the road, other gold threads such as pearl purl, check thread, and gold twist may also find their way into the project.  Time will tell.  Now on to stitching with gold! Later this week, I hope to give an update on the Purificator design and transfer it to the linen. And of course, I must try to get an evening with The Tale of Two Lambs Project to keep them moving along. Thanks for stopping by.

Solo Dei Gloria

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