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Category: Ordinary Times

During Ordinary Time, which corresponds with the Christian liturgical calendar, churches focus on spiritual growth and teachings of Jesus, in contrast to Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter which focus on specific events. This season emphasizes ordinary life facets and how it connects with faith. While inspiring individuals to reflect on applying Jesus’ teachings in daily life. The Church continually reminds believers to show love, compassion, and service to others through these reflections.

Throughout Ordinary Time, green—which stands for development and hope—is often used to symbolize the growth of the Church and of individual faith. It acts as a motivating factor to get into a closer relationship with God. To further enhance this growing period, We at Ecclesiastical Sewing provide a wide selection of altar hangings, church paraments, and liturgical vestments to improve the worship demands. These items specifically elevate the presence and beauty of places of worship. resulting in a sacred environment for church settings.

As we venture into this Ordinary Time as followers of Christ we may able to engage in this spiritual growth and reflection, focusing on Jesus’ teachings and embracing life’s ordinary aspects. And as we dedicate our service to creating liturgical pieces may everyone find our Ecclesiastical Sewing religious products that enhance the worship setting’s beauty and solemnity for every church celebration.

Luther Rose Catechesis Stole Green Liturgical Vestment

Updates and New Items for Ordinary Times in the Church Year

We enter a season filled with green trees and grass dotted with bright pink, purple, red, and white the flowers blooming profusely all around us. One glance around nature provides a feast of green shades for the eye to behold. It brings the entire world to life. Green is also the color for ordinary times in the church years. With the long Trinity Season or the “Green” Season just getting underway in the church year.

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