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Updates and New Items for Ordinary Times in the Church Year

Updates and New Items for Ordinary Times in the Church Year:

It has been a while since our last post – spring is flying by. We welcome those of you who are new to Ecclesiastical Sewing and are glad to have many who follow along regularly. For those who are not familiar with who we are, Ecclesiastical Sewing is a small family business located in Northern Minnesota. To date, we have almost every member of the family involved in Ecclesiastical Sewing in some capacity or other. The core of our team consists of my daughter Ashley, her husband Travis,  and myself. Our support staff includes my darling husband who has taken the title of “chief bottle washer, maid, and cook.  We could not do what we do without him. Middle son Chris is one of our artists & his lovely lady Kate is our constant ray of sunshine, always willing to help with odds and ends, as well as dog entertainer. Their younger son Nick is the resident technical support staff. And finally, our two dogs remind us that life is short & we need to break from work sometimes. We are also blessed to have other wonderful people working along with us to bring you the products available at Ecclesiastical Sewing.

The Pattern Maker

Our extended team includes Kimberly,  our pattern maker. Kimberly is working on a new collection of church vestment patterns that includes copes, vintage linen alb patterns, a square neck surplice pattern, a rochet, a deacon stole pattern, and many more…..we could keep Kimberly busy for years with our “wish list” of pattern ideas.  The new deacon stole pattern arrived from the printer and is now available on our website. We now have illustrations for many of our patterns so it is easier to see what they might look like.

Deacon Stole Religious Vestment


Jan and Nancy provide exquisite hand-embroidered linens. Those items will be available on our website shortly. Wait till you see the beautiful linen hems these ladies create! Words can not describe their work. We have one style of altar linens hand embroidered in a Patonce Cross design. Several additional styles of hand-embroidered altar linens are also in the works. The linens are hand-hemmed with workmanship that is truly outstanding. The naked eye cannot even see the stitching on the perfectly straight hems.  The set below includes a corporal, lavabo, and purificator which are all made from our Renaissance Linen.

Patonce Cross Altar Linen Set Liturgical Fabric

The Artists

Edward is our talented artist. We have been enjoying his Reformation Design collection. The embroidery for that collection continues to stitch almost non-stop on the machines!  Edward is working on a new collection which should be available later this summer. (Hint: Advent cometh!) Lend an opinion in the comments below on which you like better: red or green in the Catechism stole.

Luther Rose Catechesis Stole Green Liturgical Vestment


Stole Style #3 | The Luther Rose Brocade Ecclesiastical Updates and New Items for Ordinary Times in the Church Year


Their eldest son Chris is helping out with photography and graphic designs for shows and the website.

 The Seamstresses

Rebecca and Mary are two of our seamstresses who help sew the stoles and chasubles. Of course, Ashley, Travis, and I take an active role in just about anything that needs to be done. Ashley and Travis are truly the heart of my team, working alongside me, and assisting with every line and product we make.

Updates and New Items for Ordinary Times in the Church Year

Green Vestments for the Trinity Season

As we begin the summer months on the calendar, we enter a season filled with green trees and grass dotted with bright pink, purple, red, and white the flowers blooming profusely all around us. One glance around nature provides a feast of green shades for the eye to behold. It brings the entire world to life. Green is also the color for ordinary times in the church years. With the long Trinity Season or the “Green” Season just getting underway in the church year,  it might be a good idea to give your green vestments and altar hangings a bit of attention. Consider checking for things like loose threads, hems, or seams that are coming apart; even vestments that have been used one season too many.

St, Aidan Liturgical Fabric

There are still plenty of summers left for a few new things for the season of ordinary times should the need arise.

Ely Crown St Dominic Liturgical Vestment, Fabric Updates and New Items for Ordinary Times in the Church Year

The green brocades provide a wide variety of patterns and colors to select from. Here is one of our favorite selections: Ely Crown with St. Dominic Orphrey bands. It can certainly make ordinary times anything but ordinary.

Soli Deo Gloria

Be sure to visit our online store front Ecclesiastical Sewing where you may shop for Liturgical Fabricsaltar linen fabrics, church vestment-making patterns, liturgical machine embroidery designs,  church vestment trims and notions and so much more. You may also find us on  Ecclesiastical Sewing on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest. Sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of the page on our online store front and receive a free copy of our Small Linens Booklet as our way of saying thank you for following along.

What does that “IHS” mean?! Is it “In His Service”??

Green?! Are you ready?

IHS Embroidery Update

Updating Pattern Drafting Tools

Black Passion Cross Update

Update on Changes



  1. Tha is all great news! Love it!
    Our Episcopal Catnedral is planning to replace all Corporals. Purchasing the pre-he med items,
    Applying your va ions designs, w.l work perfectly ! Hope you can make available the designs and the hemmed Corporals soon!

  2. I was hoping for more of the designs that would be found on Purificators, Lavados, Corporals.
    What I see on your website are more for Vestments.

    • Hi Faith,
      We are working on those at the moment. We have several files that are going through final testing before they are placed online. They should be live withing a week or so. The plans are to release new “whitework” designs for altar linens about once every week or so going forward. Stay tunede!