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Bespoke Vestments and Paraments

Here at Ecclesiastical Sewing, we have a wide variety of ready-made designs for bespoke vestments and paraments of all kinds. Basic selections include stoles, as well as pulpit, falls, or communion table/altar frontals with little decoration besides a plain orphrey. On the other hand, there are also plenty of ornate designs which I have developed over the years, and which are unique at Ecclesiastical Sewing.

However, there’s one option that deserves a thorough discussion: bespoke designs. The term “bespoke” means something that’s made especially for a particular user. In other words, it’s something that we have designed, or at least customized, just for you. There are several reasons you might want to do this. For instance, most vestment patterns date from the days when women were never ordained as priests or pastors. As a result, they might be too long, too bulky, or inappropriate for a curvy figure. Our stock vestments are made in one size, so if you need a smaller version or a wearer-specific modification, it’s an easy custom order! On the other end of the spectrum, wearers in the men’s “big and tall” category might also need modifications.

Beyond size changes, at Ecclesiastical Sewing we are equipped to do a wide variety of customization. For instance, you might like a particular orphrey design in one of our stock models but prefer it in another type of brocade.  Another option that we have is the selection of various embroidery patterns or even a new design. The options are almost unlimited. Sometimes it is fun to let your imagination be the guide and create something unique and personal to your needs or the needs of your church!

Liturgical Vestments

At Ecclesiastical Sewing, we make the following bespoke vestments:

Stoles: Any type of stole for pastors/priests or deacons can be custom-made. I often get requests for custom ordination stoles, which are given as souvenirs to the newly ordained priest or deacon. This is also a commonly altered vestment because so many denominations use them and many new clergy are women.

Chasubles and Dalmatics: Chasubles can always be customized, and we have a wide variety of options to work with. Dalmatics and fiddle-back chasubles are mostly used in Traditionalist Catholic environments, and due to the specificity, they’re a common bespoke vestment item at Ecclesiastical Sewing.

Liturgical Paraments

In addition, we can make a wide variety of bespoke adornments for your sanctuary:

Altar frontals and superfrontals: Especially if you have an unusually sized altar or communion table you may want to go the custom route. This is also true if you are hoping to match the church décor or have symbols of special significance for your church.

Banners and falls: Here’s another situation where you probably want everything to match. We can make pulpit or lectern falls to go with your existing vestments or frontals, for instance. Banners can be made to coordinate with other items in the room by using the same background fabric. These can also be special additions to dedicate to the church. Or to a wedding or baptism, and brought out during that special service.

Chalice veil and burse sets: Again, for a well-coordinated church you’ll probably want these to match your frontals and falls. One thing I can do is try and coordinate your new veil and burse with other items your church already owns.

Casket and urn palls: I always recommend that churches that use palls have one of each type that matches. And these can be customized by the family, if they desire to use them for their specific situations–then it remains a family piece.

Crafting Personalized Design

No matter what you’re considering for a bespoke vestment and paraments design, our process starts with an email. We’ll discuss your specific needs, and then design something that suits your style and budget. Best of all, with bespoke vestments and paraments you’re getting something that’s unique and just right for your use. That sure beats a catalog! Talk to me, and let’s start a conversation about what we can do for you.

-Soli Deo Gloria

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