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Category: Slate Frames and Trestle Stands

Embroidery enthusiasts who aim to achieve professional-level results must have essential tools such as slate frames and trestle stands. High-quality beech wood is used by Ecclesiastical Sewing to make our slate frames, ensuring durability and longevity. These frames are easy to assemble and have adjustable height bars that allow customization to fit any project.

Numerous benefits come with using a slate frame for embroidery. Not only does it provide a stable and secure surface to work on, but it also enables greater tension control, resulting in a more polished and even stitch. Moreover, slate frames are ideal for larger projects that require working on multiple sections individually.

Ecclesiastical Sewing provides a variety of slate frames to meet any embroidery project’s demands. The Miniature Slate Frame is perfect for small projects such as samplers or small motifs, while the Medium Slate Frame is ideal for larger projects like altar frontals or banners. The Large Slate Frame is perfect for use with larger projects like vestments or paraments.

Ecclesiastical Sewing also offers various trestle stands that work in conjunction with the frames. These stands provide a sturdy base for the frame, allowing for easy and comfortable stitching. Trestle stands are adjustable to accommodate different frame sizes and can be folded down for easy storage and transport.

Embroiderers, whether beginners or experienced, can achieve professional results with Ecclesiastical Sewing’s slate frames and trestle stands. These tools use quality materials and attention to detail, giving you confidence that your embroidery projects will look stunning and last for years to come.

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Trestle Stands for Slate Frames

The trestle stands and frames found on our website at Ecclesiastical Sewing are made from beech wood. You may see oak listed as a wood selection for a few of the slate frames. We have a few oak frames still available and they have been wonderful. But all of our frames in the future will be made using beech. Beech is a hardwood, but the grain is finer and that works so beautifully for these products.

Trestle Embroidery Stand and Slate Frames

Trestle Embroidery Stand and Slate Frames

Embroiderer’s knight in shining armor – a true workhorse and fatigue saver. The trestles are set up about wide enough to have a chair positioned between each stand. Then the dressed slate frame is placed over the rails of the trestle stand. These are an embroiderer’s dream come true. The trestle stands and slate frames are handmade in Montana for Ecclesiastical Sewing.

Evertite Stretcher Bar Frame

Framing Steps Part 2 Advent

In the process of preparing for the Advent set, Evertite Stretcher Bars were selected for framing linen. Two sizes, 16″ and 23″, were chosen for the frame, ensuring its squareness before the lightweight linen was prepared. The linen, cut by thread and folded with creases for reference points, was then stretched over the frame, with alternating pinning and tacking along the width and length. Tension was adjusted for a tight finish. Despite challenges with tacks from a local store, the framed-up linen is now ready for design transfer.

Evertite Frame in use, framing steps

Framing Steps

In preparation for the Advent Ecclesiastical Sewing project, the focus is on framing steps using the Evertite Tension Adjusting Stretcher Bars. These bars offer an adjustable feature with tiny screws, ensuring the embroidery project stays taunt. The bars, available in various sizes, are easily assembled with a straightforward tightening process using an Allen Wrench. The cost-effective Evertite frames are practical, functional, and adaptable, providing a range of adjustments to keep the work in good shape. Needle in a Haystack and Stitchville USA are recommended places to find Evertite frames.