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A Tale of Two Lambs Embroidery project on

The Tale of Two Lambs

“The Tale of Two Lambs” is about making special decorations for a church, like Easter cloths. At first, the results weren’t good so, learning more became the focus. The Angus Dei featuring two lambs—one small for a robe and one big for an altar cloth. The story is about learning and getting better at sewing with silk and gold threads, with more things to find out along the way.

Ecclesiastical Designs

The Never-Ending Quest for Ecclesiastical Designs

Creating various designs for Church Vestments remained a challenge. The Agnus Dei symbol aided in creating the pulpit fall, while inspiration from stained glass guided the design of the Altar Frontal. The quest for better designs spanned years, incorporating research, internet searches, and volunteer work. Gradually, more refined designs came to light.

Ecclesiastical Vestment Making, Ecclesiastical Sewing Design

Ecclesiastical Sewing

Ecclesiastical Sewing involves crafting Church Vestments and facing challenges in finding techniques and patterns. After years of searching and studying, knowledge about this nearly vanished art form has been gathered. Through Ecclesiastical Sewing, liturgical fabrics, patterns, and designs are shared with those passionate about Ecclesiastical Vestment Making.

Hand embroidery for Chalice Veil, Introducing Ecclesiastical Sewing Design

Introducing my new website Ecclesiastical Sewing

Welcome to Ecclesiastical Sewing! This site is dedicated to a passion for designing and creating Church Linens, vestments, and ecclesiastical embroidery projects. With a background in costume design, there’s exploration of couture and custom sewing techniques for Church Vestments. Stay tuned for updates on ongoing projects, Ecclesiastical Embroidery Designs, and tips for creating your own Church Vestment Projects.

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