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Applied or Applique Work for Church Embroidery

Changing Plans?

Changed plans for Advent Set due to lost time and supply delays.
A quick review from “Church Needlework” by Hinda Hands for ideas and now focusing on appliqué and outline work, balancing harsh designs with scroll accents. Using modern fusible web instead of paste for appliqué. Applying Alpha and Omega symbols directly to blue Silk Dupioni, so cutting fabric and adapting plans. Ecclesiastical Sewing project takes unexpected turns!

Evertite Stretcher Bar Frame

Framing Steps Part 2 Advent

In the process of preparing for the Advent set, Evertite Stretcher Bars were selected for framing linen. Two sizes, 16″ and 23″, were chosen for the frame, ensuring its squareness before the lightweight linen was prepared. The linen, cut by thread and folded with creases for reference points, was then stretched over the frame, with alternating pinning and tacking along the width and length. Tension was adjusted for a tight finish. Despite challenges with tacks from a local store, the framed-up linen is now ready for design transfer.

Evertite Frame in use, framing steps

Framing Steps

In preparation for the Advent Ecclesiastical Sewing project, the focus is on framing steps using the Evertite Tension Adjusting Stretcher Bars. These bars offer an adjustable feature with tiny screws, ensuring the embroidery project stays taunt. The bars, available in various sizes, are easily assembled with a straightforward tightening process using an Allen Wrench. The cost-effective Evertite frames are practical, functional, and adaptable, providing a range of adjustments to keep the work in good shape. Needle in a Haystack and Stitchville USA are recommended places to find Evertite frames.

Books of the Great Ecclesiastical Designers, Church Needlework Classes

Classes for Church Needlework

For those interested in church needlework, a few places offer courses worth exploring. Hexaemeron provides Traditional Icon embroidery classes, conducted by Olga Fishchuk, focusing on Byzantine and Russian embroidery techniques from the 14th to the 17th centuries. The classes, held at various US locations, offer rich instruction and historical context. On a different note, the Williamsburg School of Needlework in Colonial Williamsburg offers courses on whitework, suitable for church linens. The courses range from basic sessions to specialized topics like sacred monograms. Check out their detailed hand embroidery course descriptions for more information.

Church Embroidery Design for Luther Rose, Reformation Vestment Set

Reformation Vestment Set Ideas

In anticipation of the 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, the planning for a special Ecclesiastical Vestment Set is underway. The set, designed for Reformation Sunday, will include altar hangings, stoles, chasuble, maniple, chalice veil, burse, and potentially banners, featuring a Luther Rose design. The chosen color will be a darker, martyr red, and updates will be provided as fabric selections and embroidery designs are finalized.

Design from Embroidery for Church Guilds by Sarah Cazneau Woodward 1896

Resources for Ecclesiastical Symbols

Looking for Ecclesiastical symbols? Check “Christian Symbols” for a book on Christian symbols and free PDF downloads. “Project Canterbury” has “Embroidery for Church Guilds” with simple designs. “Corpus Christi Watershed” archives complex Catholic Line Art. These resources inspire meaningful Ecclesiastical Embroidery projects.

Framing and Tracing Altar Frontal Star

Advent Star Stitching Underway

Starting a new Advent project for the church with a Star design. Quickly framed the Altar Frontal design and now onto the fun part – stitching with shiny Silver Metallic Threads. Exploring different options like Smooth Passing, Silver Twists, Check Thread, and Rococo to outline the Advent Star. The aim is to make it shimmer and shine with various textures and to create a beautiful Altar Frontal, Chalice Veil, and Pulpit Fall for Advent season.

Framing and Tracing Altar Frontal Star

Advent Star Altar Frontal

In preparation for the New Church Year, Ecclesiastical Sewing create a temporary Advent Star Altar Frontal set with a central motif surrounded by smaller stars. Using a piece-and-fuse technique, the lightweight linen is framed with Blue Silk Dupioni. The design, outlined with Silver Metallic Threads, includes an Altar Frontal, superfrontal, Pulpit Fall, and chalice veil.

Church Hand Embroidery Pattern for Advent, Advent Altar Hanging and Pulpit Fall Ideas

Advent Altar Hanging and Pulpit Fall Ideas

Ecclesiastical Sewing takes a break from finishing the Monk’s Habit to brainstorm Advent Altar Hanging and Pulpit Fall Ideas. Current hangings are deemed unsatisfactory, prompting a plan for an interim Advent Set using machine embroidery on Silk Dupioni fabric. The proposed design includes stars, Alpha and Omega, and Chi-Rho symbols. Time constraints pose a challenge, but the aim is to complete the project using a beautiful blue Silk Dupioni fabric and possibly incorporating Silver Elizabethan Twist thread for added shimmer.

Chasubles Through Time

Monk Habit Pattern

Monk habits, historical garments made in monasteries, had unique designs, each order having its own variations. The patterns and techniques were kept secret. With changing times, habits faded, and the knowledge of making them vanished. Traditional Monk Habit patterns and construction techniques are now disappearing with the loss of skilled tailors.

Monk Habit Ready to be Returned

Returning Home – Monastic Habit

Returning Home – Monastic Habit – a young tailor from a monastery asked help with fitting, construction, and pattern drafting skills for a Monk Habit. Faced challenges with historical pattern blocks and sleeve fitting. After extensive research, they discovered instructions for drafting the Monk habit, successfully completing the pattern.

Thread of Gold The Embroideries and Textiles of York Minster, The Next Best Thing book

Books: The Next Best Thing Part III

In “Books: The Next Best Thing Part III,” the focus is on Ecclesiastical Giants from the past two centuries. discovering “Thread of Gold: The Embroideries and Textiles of York Minster.” This book, edited by Elizabeth Ingram, offers the history of Ecclesiastical Embroidery and Vestments at York Minster. From pre-Reformation origins to fascinating stories about Queen Victoria’s silk and the restoration of the Great Processional Banner, the book provides a rich visual and historical embroidery.