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Ecclesiastical Design Idea Book

Results of Organization Weekend

Starting with a plan for a quick cleanup, it evolved into a comprehensive overhaul of scattered Ecclesiastical Sewing and Embroidery ideas. What began as a simple task extended into organizing notebooks, sorting patterns, and creating a system. Nine 3-ring binders later, everything has its place, labeled and easily accessible. This newfound order brings joy, making it quicker to find project details.

Summer Travels and Unexpected Surprises!

Summer travels brought unexpected surprises for the Ecclesiastical Sewing family in Montana. A visit to the Ursuline Center revealed a hidden treasure—a Sister’s art studio in the tower, showcasing two hand-painted Ecclesiastical Banners. One banner displayed signs of age with faded beauty, intricate details, and gold bullion fringe. The banners’ origin and age are unknown, making them even more intriguing.

Chalice Veil Alethea Wiel

Weekend Reading and Musing

Weekend thoughts on Church Sewing: Looking at a Chalice Veil design from “Design for Church Embroidery” by R.A. Alethea Wiel. It has an Agnus Dei and four angels, each symbolizing something. The balanced design, shapes, and careful placement make it beautiful. Thinking about its artistry makes us wonder about true beauty in modern designs and what we can learn. Also, seeing the design in Or Nue embroidery on different platforms adds a touch of history.

Angus Dei Embroidery Pattern, Sources of Inspiration from Lucy Mackrille

Sources of Inspiration from Lucy Mackrille

The inspiration for current Ecclesiastical Embroidery projects comes from Lucy Mackrille’s book, featuring the Victorious Angus Dei with a quatrefoil frame. The Italian Stitch, damascene stitch, and goldwork embroidery threads are used, drawing from a wealth of knowledge provided by Mackrille’s book and online mentors. The fear of trying new techniques diminishes with thorough reading and guidance.

Althea Wiel Ecclesiastical Embroidery Pattern

New Books, New Information

Receiving new Ecclesiastical Embroidery books among them is “Design for Church Embroidery” by R.A., Althea Wiel, originally published in 1894. This treasured book, now republished, offers a glimpse into historical Ecclesiastical vestment designs. One notable design, intended for a chalice veil, intricately symbolic of Christ, His Sacred Heart, and symbolic elements like grapes and vines. Another design features a simple yet elegant cross adorned with ivy leaves, suggesting color choices for stitching. These designs provide a valuable connection to the artistry of the past in Ecclesiastical Embroidery.

Embroidering with Laid Silk Thread

Under Way with First Stitches!

The choice of thread for the initial work is Soie Ovale in Creme, a large-size spool from Thistle Threads. This thread is employed as a laid thread to fill the background around the lilies in the four corners of the circles. The laid work with flat silk requires a steady rhythm. The areas between the lilies, expected to be tedious, turn out to be enjoyable and are progressing well. Despite occasional challenges, the stitching is underway, bringing the project to life.

White Garment for Holy Baptism

White Garment for Holy Baptism

Creating a special garment for Holy Baptism—a simple, symbolic white piece to signify putting on the Holiness of Christ. This keepsake, though used briefly, holds significance as part of the Order of Holy Baptism. An easy project with a tiny neckline, a cross or shell design, and simple edges, making it a meaningful and quick creation for a memorable occasion. Perfect for families who wish to cherish the remembrance of their infant’s baptism.

Hand Embroidery Design Framed Up

Hand Embroidery Design Framed Up

Framing the Ecclesiastical Embroidery design for the Pulpit fall in progress. A cross with floral motifs, Chi-Rho, and lilies will adorn this piece., considering the fabric’s brocade backdrop. The original floral details may evolve into goldwork threads for a stunning effect. The framed design offers a space to experiment with colors and ideas. Excitement builds for this Easter Ecclesiastical Vestment set, with plans to baste layers and provide a protective cover soon.

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