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Pentecost Chasuble O’Fallon Missouri

As we celebrate Pentecost today, I want to take a short moment to share photos of a lovely Pentecost chasuble. While we all have seen lovely examples of a dove on Pentecost Chasubles, this one became even more beautiful as the special Sister who shared a morning with me showed the vestment collection at the monastery of the Sisters of the Most Precious Blood in O’Fallon, Missouri.

Pentecost Chasuble from O'Fallon, MO
Pentecost Chasuble from O’Fallon, MO

Traditional Design

I can not begin to tell of the wonderful morning which extended into an afternoon, that I recently spent viewing Ecclesiastical Embroidery and Vestments at the Monastery at O’Fallon. The Monastery currently uses a large and very special vestment collection, as the Sisters made all the pieces. This chasuble has the traditional Orphrey Design, with a Descending Dove which is a traditional Christian Symbol representing the Gift of the Holy Spirit given to the disciples 5o days after Easter.

Embroidered Dove on Pentecost Chasuble
Embroidered Dove on Pentecost Chasuble

The Fusion of Hand and Machine Embroidery

This beautiful Dove design is stitched using a combination of hand and machine embroidery techniques. We use several machines, including a chain stitch machine, for the machine embroidery. They appear to use silk threads and couch gold threads in place for the embroidery.

Flames or tongues of Fire for Pentecost
Flames or tongues of Fire for Pentecost

There are many more photos to share from the delightful day I spent with Sister Cecile and Sister Viola at the Sisters of the Most Precious Blood Monastery in O’Fallon, Missouri. Rest assured. They will find their way into upcoming posts over the summer months. Those interested in viewing the vestment collection at the Monastery should phone ahead to make arrangements. There is much to be seen and enjoyed at the O’Fallon Monastery. Thank you, Sister Cecile, and Sister Viola, for your most gracious hospitality!

Wishing all a most Blessed Pentecost Celebration this day.

Soli Deo Gloria

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