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Category: Embroidery Threads

If you’re a fan of embroidery, you know that the quality of your thread can make all the difference in the outcome of your project. That’s why Ecclesiastical Sewing is the ideal choice for your embroidery needs. Our specialized threads are available in a wide range of colors, materials, and thicknesses, so you’re sure to find the perfect match for your next project.

One of our most popular options is our metallic thread. This thread is great if you’re looking to add a little sparkle and shine to your embroidery. Our silk thread is also a good choice if you’re looking for a colorful and vibrant option. With a range of hues available, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your project.

When selecting your thread, it’s important to consider the unique requirements of your project. Think about the finish you want to achieve, the durability you need, and the embroidery technique you plan to use. Ecclesiastical Sewing can guide you in selecting the ideal thread, whether you’re working on a delicate piece of church vestment or altar hanging and liturgical paraments.

At Ecclesiastical Sewing, we’re passionate about providing quality materials and tools for your embroidery projects. We offer a wide range of fabrics, patterns, and tools to help bring your vision to life. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose Ecclesiastical Sewing for all your embroidery needs. With our specialized threads and guidance, your next embroidery project is sure to be a success.

Goldwork Dove applique for hand embroidery, Goldwork embroidery, Pentecost Dove, Ecclesiastical Sewing

Quick Sewing Tip: Add Goldwork Dove Appliques to Red Stoles for Pentecost

To create a vibrant Pentecost stole, start with a red stole, such as the Ely Crown Stole, featuring plain fabric near the chest area. Choose a gold Dove Applique, like the goldwork Dove with imitation Japanese Goldwork threads, which may include colored thread accents. For couching, use Goldwork threads like Imitation Japanese Gold Thread, Gilt gold twist, or Au Ver a Soie Gold Thread.

Silver Check Thread

Time is Ticking Away

The ongoing Advent Vestment Set faces challenges in couching stitches. The Silver Check Thread, with its non-tarnish finish, offers a sparkle and shine in following curves, holding edges, and concealing stitches. Despite awaiting additional thread supplies, the emphasis remains on completion rather than rushing, with the Ecclesiastical Embroidery project.

Couching threads: Japan Thread in size 1 on two shades of gold and silver, and black cord,Art of Ecclesiastical Embroidery

Metallic Threads

Metallic threads, like Passing Threads and Kreinik Japan Threads, bring shimmer to Ecclesiastical Embroidery. While Passing Threads require careful handling due to their delicate finish, Kreinik Japan Threads offer a shiny, flexible, and affordable option. Despite challenges, the warm copper passing thread adds a contrasting touch. Thoughtful stitching and understanding each thread’s traits enhance the embroidery experience.

Silk Floss for Easter Set Pulpit Fall

Testing Colors on the Pulpit Fall

Testing colors for the Easter Set Pulpit Fall involves a rich and vibrant palette to convey the Glory of the Resurrection. The initial focus is on the color green, stitched with Au Ver A Soie- Soie D’Alger, Soie Paris, and Gilt Silk Twist. The lily leaves are satin stitched, with stem stitching using two strands for a textured effect.

Silk Wrapped Purl and Silk Gimp

Inspirations for Silk Wrapped Purl

Silk Wrapped Purl and Silk Gimp from Thistle Threads offer exciting possibilities for Ecclesiastical Embroidery projects. Despite their unique qualities, figuring out how to use these threads can be a challenge. Tricia’s blog from The Embroiderer’s Story highlighted the difficulties faced by manufacturers of these specialized threads. To support their survival, an order was placed for Silk Wrapped Purl and Silk Gimp. The Silk Wrapped Purl, neatly packaged in one-yard lengths, possesses a playful, flexible nature. The Silk Gimp, a versatile thread, can be used for outlines, fillings, or couching, providing endless creative options for Ecclesiastical Embroidery projects.

Goldwork threads ready for plunging on IHS Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design

IHS Ecclesiastical Embroidery A Little Progress

Working on the IHS Ecclesiastical Embroidery with gold threads is exciting. The sparkle and shine bring joy, but dealing with the cross ends is a bit tricky. Inspired by a vintage banner, branching gold threads from the center and facing challenges with plunging through three fabric layers. Considering adjustment for the better results. Happy stitching dreams!

IHS Ecclesiastical Design First Stitches

IHS Ecclesiastical Design First Stitches

Starting on a new embroidery project brings joy and excitement. The initial stitches on the Rose Set IHS Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design mark the beginning of creative possibilities. The goal is a stunning, “bread and butter” style of goldwork embroidery, keeping it simple with no extra padding and special techniques,

Embroidering with Laid Silk Thread

Under Way with First Stitches!

The choice of thread for the initial work is Soie Ovale in Creme, a large-size spool from Thistle Threads. This thread is employed as a laid thread to fill the background around the lilies in the four corners of the circles. The laid work with flat silk requires a steady rhythm. The areas between the lilies, expected to be tedious, turn out to be enjoyable and are progressing well. Despite occasional challenges, the stitching is underway, bringing the project to life.

Embroidery Colored Floss

New  Embroidery Frames Mean New Projects

New Embroidery Frames Mean New Projects: Millennium Frames from Needle Needs arrived, beginning of a new Ecclesiastical Embroidery project. The chosen design, a pulpit fall for the Easter Vestment Set, is sourced from a vintage German book dating back to 1902. This unique treasure has undergone slight modifications to enhance simplicity. Linen options—Alba Maxima, Alabaster Angel, and Ecclesiastical Linen from Hedgehog Handwork. finalizing linen and floss colors, for another ecclesiastical artwork.