Testing Colors on the Pulpit Fall

It is time to test out a few colors on the Easter Set Pulpit Fall.  A few other major projects have been claiming my time on Ecclesiastical Sewing, but the Easter Set Ecclesiastical Embroidery Project needs to keep moving along.

Silk Floss for Easter Set Pulpit Fall
Silk Floss for Easter Set Pulpit Fall

Taking the lead in this project is the above color palette.  The colors are rich, bold and vibrant to convey the Glory of the Resurrection on Easter Morning.

Easter Pulpit Fall Green Colors
Easter Pulpit Fall Green Colors

Green is the first color to be stitched.  The mix  of green embroidery floss above contains Au Ver A Soie- Soie D’Alger, Soie Paris, and Gilt Silk Twist.  Soie D’Alger will be used on the lilies.

Adding Green to the Lily
Adding Green to the Lily

After doing a split stitch outline, the lily leaves were satin stitched. There are no padding stitches under the leaves at this time because I do not want the stitching here to be raise too high. The Chi-Rho and Alpha and Omega in the center or the design will be reserved for any raised stitches.

Using two strands of floss for stem stitching
Using 2 strand for stem stitching

Here is the completed lily stem and leaf section. There are a few problems. The slant was not set properly on the right leaf at the start of stem stitching. The left side went much better after noticing the error.  The stem stitching on the stems was done with two strands for floss at one time. There was space for two rows of stitching.  The first row of stitching used a dark and medium green shade.  The next row used medium and one lighter shade of green.

Stem and leaves on lily
Stem and leaves on lily

The stems look bulky stitched with two strands of floss at one time. They most likely will come out and the stems will be restitched with a single strand of floss.

It is exciting to be adding some color to the Church Embroidery Project, even if it is not quite right. The things that do not work right the first time lead us on to try other things until we get it right. Best of luck getting with getting things right on your projects.

Solo Dei Gloria

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