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IHS Ecclesiastical Design First Stitches

There is nothing quite like the joy of taking the first stitches on a new embroidery project! IHS Ecclesiastical Design First Stitches.

IHS Ecclesiastical Design First Stitches
IHS Ecclesiastical Design First Stitches

There is a little thrill followed by a rush of excitement to get the stitching underway. First, one must test the stitching ideas to see if they will work out.

IHS Ecclesiastical Design First Stitches

There is the hope that the colors will work together, the correct thread types are on hand, and nothing befalls the project in the way of a disaster, large or small, that will delay its completion.  There are a thousand thoughts that run through the mind……until one begins.IHS Ecclesiastical Design First Stitches

Rose Set IHS Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design

Those first stitches are underway on the Rose Set IHS Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design, and the thoughts are running wild with ideas.  This church embroidery project will be done completely with gold threads.  I would love to pad some of the stitches, and do some fancy things, but this project has a time deadline. It has to be ready for the third week in Advent, hopefully. And this hand embroidery design is only a part of the project.  The entire project will entail making a complete Low Mass set of Rose vestments.  Time is precious. This is not the type of project to spend months working on new hand embroidery techniques. It needs to be more of a “bread and butter” style of goldwork embroidery that looks stunning and does not involve lots of extra padding, special techniques, and the like.  Now, that is the plan at this moment.

You can read more about the Rose Set of Vestments here:

New Projects in the Works Soon

Time will tell if the plan holds, or if, after the stitching is underway, the plan needs to change to allow for those extra details.

Solo Dei Gloria

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Green and Gold Braid

Planning Ahead

Under Way with First Stitches!

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  1. I’m going to be interested to see how you go about filling in the “Fleury” ends of the letters. I’ve worked the Fleury Cross a few times, and have puzzled out a way I like to do it, but it looks like your approach is going to be different from mine.