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Rose Vestments and IHS Design Index

The Rose Vestments and IHS Design Index Church Embroidery Project is an ongoing Ecclesiastical Sewing work in progress. The seasons of Advent and Lent are heavy Penitential Seasons.  But during these seasons of the church year, there is a slight break in the Penitential heaviness. The break comes on the Third week in Advent when we celebrate Gaudete Sunday – which means Rejoice.  For the Lenten Season, the break comes on Laetare Sunday – the Fourth Sunday in Lent. To convey that break in the heaviness of the Liturgical Seasons, the color for the day may be changed to Rose.

Rose Set of Vestment

The Rose Set of Vestments to be used at my church on these two special Sundays during the Church Year will include the following pieces:

  • Altar Frontal and Superfrontal
  • Pulpit Fall
  • Stole (with perhaps an additional stole for guest preachers, or as a spare) and Maniple
  • Chasuble
  • Chalice Veil and Burse (the burse is optional, as our church does not use it at the moment – but it will most likely be made to have a complete low mass set).

Liturgical Fabric Collection

Rose Florence Ecclesiastical Brocade from UK
Rose Florence Ecclesiastical Brocade from the UK

The Fabrics being used for the set are Florence Brocade in Rose

Verona Lurex with Gold Metallic Threads
Verona Lurex with Gold Metallic Threads

and Verona Lurex Tapestry in Metallic Gold. The Verona Tapestry comes from the UK.  It is a lovely fabric! The weight is a little heavier than the brocade.  It features two main design motifs.  The first is a Jardiniere, or large ceramic pot, used to hold flowers.  And this one is a beauty!  Jardineire motifs are seen frequently on the tapestry fabrics used in Ecclesiastical Sewing and Vestment making.

Verona Tapestry Bird Motif
Verona Tapestry Bird Motif

The description of the Verona Tapestry states:

Despite its name, this is a multi-colored Indo-Portuguese design of the 18th Century.

The birds have a symbolic significance, they are the mediators between Heaven and Earth

and in early Christian art they signified saved souls.

Stitching for Gaudete Sunday

In the next few weeks, I will begin working with the Verona and the Florence Brocade, preparing the cuts needed for the Altar Frontal and Super Frontal. Once those are cut, the Pulpit fall, chalice veil, and stole will follow. Although it would be nice to complete the entire set of pieces listed above for Gaudete Sunday which is the Third Sunday in Advent, time will be tight.  The remaining vestment pieces may have to wait for Laetare Sunday during the Lenten Season. 

Sewing this Altar frontal and Superfrontal will involve a great deal of handwork.  There is a major piece of Ecclesiastical Embroidery in the works for the Altar Frontal.  For now, the Altar Frontal will be the only piece with Ecclesiastical Embroidery. At some point, the embroidery for other pieces can be completed and added to the sets.  The nice thing is that with the use of the Verona Tapestry, there is no need for much in the way of Ecclesiastical Embroidery. The tapestry has wonderful design motifs and colors.  With the addition of trimmings such as braids and fringes which are all selected, it will be best to keep things on the simpler side.  But more on that as the project moves along.

Useful Tip

One final little word of caution for those who might be interested in creating a Rose set of Vestments for your own Parrish. Please be careful in selecting the tone and shade of Rose for use in the church.  The color should never look as if it were a Rose colored fabric from the bridal department at the local fabric store being used in the church. If you visit Church Linens Elizabeth has a selection of several Rose fabrics for use during the Seasons of Advent and Lent. (On a side note: halfway down the page are photos of the Good Friday Altar Frontal and Good Friday Pulpit Fall which I made from her fabrics).

For those who would like to follow along with all of the articles related to this project from the concept through completion, the list of articles will be updated here.

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Aragon Liturgical Tapestry Fabric in Red Lurex

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