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Category: Appliques

Liturgical appliques add visual interest and texture to liturgical vestments, church paraments, and altar hangings with these intricate and ornamental patterns. It enhances the elegance and value of the sacred pieces by utilizing goldwork threads. These appliques come in a wide range of sizes and designs, such as bright, white, and rose gold metallic gold tones, in addition to gold, red, white, and blue colors in rayon, and many more.

Ecclesiastical Sewing often creates intricate patterns and designs with appliques that represent the beliefs and traditions of the church. For instance, clergy vestments often feature iron-on cross appliques. Additionally, stunning images of religious figures, such as angels and saints,  are often made from goldwork appliques where it was made from metallic threads or wires. They also serve to add a touch of beauty and value to church paraments, altar cloths, and other liturgical pieces.

Moreover, liturgical embellishments enhance the faithful’s sense of connection to the essential designs of liturgical history. These appliques are a lovely and significant addition to any sacred setting, whether they adorn a priest’s vestments or a church altar. It evokes symbolism and devotion among believers, highlighting the importance of these sacred pieces.

In conclusion, ecclesiastical appliques play a significant role in liturgical settings by adding beauty and style to sacred pieces. As a dedicated company, we constantly provide these pieces to enhance the elegance and value of church artwork. Even more, there are items for every purpose and demand, available in a range of sizes and styles. So stay connected with Ecclesiastical Sewing for more discoveries and inspiration for liturgical settings!

Goldwork Dove applique for hand embroidery, Goldwork embroidery, Pentecost Dove, Ecclesiastical Sewing

Quick Sewing Tip: Add Goldwork Dove Appliques to Red Stoles for Pentecost

To create a vibrant Pentecost stole, start with a red stole, such as the Ely Crown Stole, featuring plain fabric near the chest area. Choose a gold Dove Applique, like the goldwork Dove with imitation Japanese Goldwork threads, which may include colored thread accents. For couching, use Goldwork threads like Imitation Japanese Gold Thread, Gilt gold twist, or Au Ver a Soie Gold Thread.

Pentecost Dove Emblem

Pentecost Dove Emblem

This little dove is a hand-embroidered applique that is ready to be applied to a vestment or altar hanging. The Dove is made from an assortment of goldwork threads such as bullion, passing thread, and purl pearl. The feet and nimbus rays are made from embroidered threads. This little dove is heavily padded to create a high relief.  The size is 4.5″ x 7″ which is a bit wide for a stole, but perfect for use in a quatrefoil frame for use on a chasuble or used on an altar hanging.

Christmas Rose Chasuble and Stole Set

Virgin and Child Goldwork Embroidery Design

The Madonna and Child Goldwork Emblem is to be used on the back of a white Gothic chasuble. The chasuble is designed using our classic Gothic Chasuble Pattern cut with “Y” orphrey bands. The Virgin and Child design uses goldwork embroidery and colored thread embroidery embellishments on a hand-painted design. This Embroidery Design has a great deal of detailed work and requires care when applying it to a church vestment.

Silver Stars for Advent Stole

Silver Stars for Advent Stole: Part 2

The design motif for the Advent stole is a simple star worked in Cloth of Silver. This simple design would be great to work with an embroidery patch and heat press system. The stars are outlined with a satin stitch, and detail stitches are added in the centers.  A few additional stitching lines may be added to create the rays that “shine on the place where the Christ Child lays.

The Last Sky stitches are in on the Agnus Dei

Agnus Dei Neglected but not Forgotten

The Two Agnus Die projects for the Easter Set, the gold thread used for couching the blue silk sky is a Gilt Smooth Passing Thread size 4 with a silk core. The thread is imported from Access Commodities here in the States and is available from Hedgehog Handworks.  The Gilt threads have 1/2% gold and are very nice to work with. The silk core makes the thread very pliable and so nice to plunge thread tails – an excellent goldwork thread.

Couching threads: Japan Thread in size 1 on two shades of gold and silver, and black cord

Outlining: Finishing Touch or Distraction

Ecclesiastical Embroidery and Vestment Projects,
– Improving faraway visibility in church embroidery can be tricky. Delicate silver thread on Angel Wings looks nice up close but might fade from a distance. Adding a black outline helps, but it raises concerns about muting the shimmer and blending with the blue background. Deciding between keeping the black for definition or adding more silver threads is a right choice in Ecclesiastical Embroidery.

Silver Check Thread

Time is Ticking Away

The ongoing Advent Vestment Set faces challenges in couching stitches. The Silver Check Thread, with its non-tarnish finish, offers a sparkle and shine in following curves, holding edges, and concealing stitches. Despite awaiting additional thread supplies, the emphasis remains on completion rather than rushing, with the Ecclesiastical Embroidery project.

Nearing the end of the upper sky on the Angus Dei Ecclesiastical Embroidery Project

Large Agnus Dei Update

In the Agnus Dei Ecclesiastical Embroidery Project, significant progress has been made on the upper sky. Using long-laid stitches and horizontal guide marks, the detailed stitching maintains parallel and straight alignment. Frequent thread changes are necessary due to the 6 1/2″ stitch width, but the process speeds up as intricate details around the cross are left behind. The joy of completing a major portion of the sky-laid work is evident, with two-thirds now finished.