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Category: Brocade

Liturgical brocade, a rich fabric that has been in centuries of tradition, has adorned religious vestments and church decorations. Many have favored this fabric for its intricate patterns and embedded symbolism, making it a popular selection for various religious ceremonies and events. Manufacturers often use silk, cotton, or linen to create these fabrics, offering a diverse range of colors and designs.

The significance of brocade is found in the meaning behind its patterns. Many designs incorporate religious motifs like crosses, crowns, and flowers. It also, adds value to the religious ceremonies and events where churches often use them. Furthermore, brocade manufacturers can able to tailor fabrics to meet the specific preferences of individual churches or practitioners.

Meanwhile, Ecclesiastical Sewing presents a wide array of liturgical brocade fabrics. Whether you seek a traditional or contemporary design, our numerous options fulfill various needs. With years of experience in creating liturgical vestments and church decorations, we stand ready to assist you in selecting the ideal fabric for your unique requirements.

Hence, for those desiring to add a touch of elegance and tradition to religious ceremonies, liturgical brocade stands out as the perfect choice. Its intricate patterns and symbolic richness instill a sense of value and history while its fancy texture can transform ordinary moments into truly special experiences. So, whether you represent a church updating its vestments or an individual crafting a special garment, liturgical brocade remains a beautiful and your best option.

Evesham Liturgical Fabric White Gold

Evesham Red/Gold and Gold/Gold

Evesham is a metallic brocade, which is difficult to capture in photos. There is a tiny glimmer of metallic threads that outline the ogee motif. As much as I like the Red and gold color combination of Evesham. The lovely white gold version of Evesham that is so very lovely in soft candlelight.  The white gold is a lovely choice for Christmas and Easter Celebrations.

St. Aidan Green Detail Liturgical Fabric

St. Aidan Liturgical Fabric

St. Aidan is a small reversible liturgical fabric that features an English Rose and vine pattern. The pattern repeat is 8″ which makes it an easy fabric to work with for those who are just starting out with pattern repeats, as well as being a favorite fabric choice for the seasoned vestment maker. St. Aidan is suitable for making stoles, chasubles, chalice veils, burses, dalmatics, and tunics as well as for other small vestment items.  St. Aidan would also work for smaller altar hangings.

St Margaret Ivory Lurex Detail Liturgical Fabric

St. Margaret Ivory Lurex Altar Frontal

The fabrics selection on this project is St. Margaret in the Ivory Lurex color and St. Hubert in the Gold/Gold color. Oak Leaf gallon was used to edge the orphrey, and a metallic gold thread fringe graces the lower edge of the superfrontal and frontal.  The superfrontal is made entirely from the Gold/Gold St. Hubert with the metallic gold fringe as the only adornment. The frontal is made using St. Margaret as the base fabric, with orphreys of St. Hubert in Gold/Gold with the 1-inch wide Oak Leaf galloon used to finish the edges. 

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