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Violet, Blue, and Rose Liturgical Brocade Church Vestments Fabrics

With the launch of our new Ecclesiastical Sewing Storefront, it might take a while before everyone becomes familiar with the navigation and location of various items.  When it comes to shopping for Liturgical Fabric Church Vestments, one usually has a season of the church year in mind.  If one knows the season of the church year that one is shopping for, that most often narrows down a search.  The seasons of the church year can be broken down into colors. The beginning of a new church year is only a few weeks away.

Advent and Lent Colors

Advent, the first season in a new church year,  and Lent are penitential seasons.  A time of reflection and a time to focus on the fulfillment of a promise. Color is used within the church to remind us that Advent and Lent are Penitential Seasons. Violet or Purple are the colors used during these seasons of the church year. Under the heading of purple or violet, come a few other colors. In the third week of Advent and the fourth week of Lent, we use the color rose to remind us of the slight change in the reading that carries a lighter meaning.

Color Symbolism

Blue is another color that falls under the purple banner as a penitential banner.  Some church bodies use blue during the season of Advent. As you can see, there is quite a selection of liturgical fabric available in the penitential color range. In creating these lovely Liturgical Brocade, Damask, and Metallic Brocatelle fabrics, one can observe great care and attention to detail in designing the pattern. These fabrics often use rich symbolism to convey a meaning that aids the mission of the church by way of teaching, and by way of the visual beauty, it lends to the environment or wearer.

But rather than go on talking about all of the colors, it might be more fun to let you explore the colors, and become more familiar with the Liturgical fabric patterns and colors.  To learn more regarding fabric width, pattern repeat, and fiber content visit

Soli Deo Gloria

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  1. Would like to have samples of fabrics. Easter Blessing gold and gold, white and gold, St Hubert gold and white, Evesham white and gold, St Nicolas gold, Holbein silk damask gold, Glastonbury ivory and gold.
    Let me know if i have to pay for theses.
    Sheila Shepherd

    • Hi Shelia,
      Thank you for inquiring about fabric samples. We have things set up to order swatches directly from our website. The Evesham in the gold/gold and white/gold is the fabric from the Easter Blessing post.
      The St. Hubert white/gold is available here.
      St. Nicolas gold is located here.The gold is available but the photo for gold is not yet on the website.
      Glastonbury is available here.

      The Holbein silk damask is a lovely fabric that is exclusive to Watts and Company in the UK, and is sadly not available at this time for through our Ecclesiastical Sewing website.
      There is a small fee for samples. Please let me know if you would like to receive a custom order for the samples, and I would be happy to send that to you. What a lovely assortment of gold and white fabrics you have selected! It sounds like a lovely project. Please let me know if I may be of further assistance.