Do you have your favorite Violet Stole Style Selected Yet? Lent is coming!

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Do you have your favorite Violet Stole Style Selected Yet? Lent is coming!

Stoles in the St. Ambrose Lent Collection

The designer (that’s ME – Carrie) has been busy keeping our seamstresses stitching away to create a wonderful new collection of stoles that are offered in a variety of styles just in time for Lent! The stoles are part of our St. Ambrose Collection of Vestments and Altar hangings. The Collection features rich tone-on-tone styles with gold accents. While the collection is available in a variety of colors for the church year, the above pieces have been created especially for the Season of Lent. So do you have your favorite Violet Stole Style Selected Yet? Lent is coming!

The set uses some of our favorite fabrics – the richly historic pattern – Fairford, along with the Winchester Brocade. The Brocades are available in deep violet color. Violet is the color used by a wide number of church bodies during the season of Lent. Lent is the season that precedes the major celebration of Easter. The color violet is used for Lent because it is associated with mourning.  We reflect on the mysteries of Christ and remember the pain and suffering of His crucifixion. Violet is also the color of royalty and it reminds us that we will soon celebrate Christ’s resurrection and sovereignty.

New Collection of St. Ambrose Stoles

The new Collection of St. Ambrose Stoles has been made to showcase many of the stole styles that are available at Ecclesiastical Sewing which include the following:

Stole in the St. Ambrose Collection for Lent. Short Tapered Stole

The tapered stole is narrow at the center back neckline and as it comes around to the chest. The width gradually begins to widen out at the chest until it reaches the hem. The tapered stole comes in a shorter 47″ length that is usually just above the knee. The longer length ends around mid-calf. This style of stole looks great with tassels as a hem finish.

Violet Stoles in the St. Ambrose Collection for Lent

The next stole style is the 3 1/2 inch wide stole is narrow at the neck and wides to 3 1/2 inches for the entire length of the stole. It may be long or short. The stole may be finished with tassels or fringe or left plain at the hemline.

4 1/2 Inch Pastor or Priest Stole

The 5-inch wide stole is wider and works well for those with broader shoulders. It is also a great style for the DIY project to create a bolder image or larger designs.

4 5 inch pastor or priest stole

The V-Neck stole sits slightly off the neckline and extends into a V-point at the Center back neckline. For those who like to be creative, this can be a wonderful style for the placement of additional embroidery designs. The above style is another variation in the St. Ambrose Stole Collection for Lent and Advent.

Along with the St. Ambrose stoles for Lent, we do have a few additional styles available, including a few rose stoles for Laetare Sunday.

Lent will be here in a few short weeks. We are pleased to offer a limited selection of the above styles that are available for Quick Shipment. The availability is limited, so please order soon to ensure delivery!

Please visit our website to order your Lent stole today!

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