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Lent Vestment Fabric – Violets and Golds

It’s the beginning of a New Year and Lent is only a few weeks away. Many churches have plans for new Lent Vestment Fabric -Violets and Golds and altar hangings already underway. These church vestment patterns and altar hangings can be made to order, but for many churches, it is difficult to afford custom-made vestments.

Yet, it is still possible to create pieces of beauty for a church. If there are one or two people in the church who might be handy with needle and thread, and a desire to give a project their care and attention, beautiful things can be created. Many churches create simpler pieces such as the chalice veil or the altar hangings while they have more complex pieces such as the superfrontal, frontal, or chasuble custom-made.

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Creating Patterns for Church Vestments

To help those interested in creating their own pieces for their church, we have an extensive collection of church vestment patterns available on our website. Creating a line of patterns has been a huge undertaking – a gift of time and talent from Ecclesiastical Sewing – to you – the ones who desire to create vestments for your church. The project began years ago with a single stole pattern, and today, we have a full line of patterns available for use in making church vestments. Creating the patterns was difficult, but the next task was even more challenging. We are blessed to be working with a talented technical writer and illustrator who is assisting us with the creation of instructions and illustrations for our line of patterns.  It may take up to several years to complete the project. But we feel the project is worth the effort. We hear daily from clients looking for specific patterns, or asking how a vestment should be made. When the pattern instructions are complete, many of the questions for these devoted seamstresses will be answered. Until then, several of the patterns, for now, will include limited instructions from vintage sources. And while we work on the next phase of the project – the writing of instructions – we ask for your prayers of support for the work to be done for those who sew for the church.

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Collection of Liturgical Fabrics

Along with church vestment sewing patterns, we offer an extensive collection of fabrics ranging from textured polyester, silk dupioni, and brocades to Silk Damasks and metallic Brocatelles. For your enjoyment, we have selected a few of the violet fabrics for you to explore for your next church vestment sewing project. Please be sure to visit our website to see our complete line of Liturgical Brocade fabrics.

Soli Deo Gloria

Be sure to visit our online storefront Ecclesiastical Sewing where you may shop for Liturgical Fabrics, altar linen fabrics, church vestment-making patterns, liturgical machine embroidery designschurch vestment trims, notions and so much more. You may also find us on  Ecclesiastical Sewing on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of the page on our online storefront and receive a free copy of our Small Linens Booklet as our way of saying thank you for following along.

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