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Category: Liturgical Vestments and Altar Hangings

Liturgical vestments and altar hangings play a vital role in Christian religious services. Enhancing the worship experience with an extra layer of meaning and symbolism. Priests and pastors commonly wear liturgical garments such as the chasuble and the Alb during Mass celebrations. With the chasuble covering the body and often featuring ornate designs and symbols. And the Alb, a long white robe, worn by priests. Another liturgical vestment, the stole, a long, narrow scarf-like garment worn around the neck. Usually decorated with symbols representing the liturgical season or occasion.

On the other hand, altar hangings, and decorative textiles adorning the front of the altar, add beauty and meaning to the worship ceremony. They can be changed according to the liturgical season, with common types including frontals, superfrontals, and lectern hangings.

Liturgical vestments and altar hangings have a rich tradition and symbolism. Connecting worshipers with the history and traditions of the Church. Each vestment and style carries unique meaning and significance. Ecclesiastical Sewing addresses the liturgical needs of churches and religious organizations. Offering a diverse range of quality vestments and church hanging patterns, from traditional chasubles to functional superfrontals. We always have the perfect item for your liturgical preference.


Forgotten Altars? Take Another Look!

This little chapel sits in the corner of a larger room. A great deal of care has been taken with the chapel. There is an Advent stand with the Advent candles, a cross in the corner on the wall, the hymn board, the candles, and book stand on the altar, the altar linens and the altar hangings. The scene in the altar antependium is that of the manger in a circle or nimbus with the star. The various blues of the background indicate the shades of the nighttime sky. The charm comes in knowing that in this place, someone has taken care to ensure that the altar of the Lord is prepared for the services that will take place in this tiny chapel.

Hand Embroidery Design for Altar Linens

Hand Embroidery Design for Altar Linens

A scrollwork cross. The cross is a creation taken from part of the vintage embroidery designs. This cross is similar to many vintage hand embroidery designs. Satin stitch would be nice around the center diamond shape and the four dots just outside of that. The Scrollwork could be an outline or stem stitch or trailing stitch. The tiny tendrils could be back-stitched or a small stem stitch. The three clover shapes at the cross ends could be stem stitched and filled with seed stitch or satin stitched. The very center of the large diamond could also be filled with seed stitches. It would take only about 3 or 4 stitches to work this little design up.

Luther Rose Catechesis Stole Green Liturgical Vestment

Updates and New Items for Ordinary Times in the Church Year

We enter a season filled with green trees and grass dotted with bright pink, purple, red, and white the flowers blooming profusely all around us. One glance around nature provides a feast of green shades for the eye to behold. It brings the entire world to life. Green is also the color for ordinary times in the church years. With the long Trinity Season or the “Green” Season just getting underway in the church year.

Monastic Chasuble Pattern

Monastic Chasuble Pattern

The chasuble pattern is a graceful Monastic style chasuble that is wide, full, and long. The pattern is created in several sizes and has things like lengthening and shortening lines for further customization. The pattern has notches for matching seams when sewing. There is a separate pattern piece for the front and back orphrey band as well as a neckline facing piece.

Good Friday Dossal

The Ecclesiastical Sewing Family’s Easter in 2017

The Ecclesiastical Sewing Family’s Easter in 2017 and a special church project. Dossal curtain – Dossals, traditionally adorned with intricate embroideries, like the Lanercost Dossal. Tailored to fit sanctuary dimensions, for instance, is 88” wide and 124” long, complementing stained glass. A captivating coincidence forms a cross with the dossal and stained glass, as seen in the Good Friday dossal, the dossal and the stained glass make a cross on the back wall behind the big wooden cross.

Good Friday 2017 and Stabat Mater Dolorosa

Good Friday 2017 and Stabat Mater Dolorosa

Good Friday in 2017 – church adhered to solemn customs, draping the altar in black with six candles, the seventh being the Paschal candle. While black is our choice, I found practices in other churches, employing red or violet. Despite the somber tone of Good Friday services, they set the stage for a joyous Easter celebration.

Hand Embroidery Linen Altar Set

Inspiration for a Lazy Sunday Afternoon: Small Altar Linens

Each small altar linen is meticulously handcrafted for attention to detail. We start by pre-shrinking and pressing the linen carefully. Cutting is done along the thread for a straight edge. Hemming follows with precise folding and stitching, using delicate thread for quality. This ensures high-quality altar linens.

Fairford Violet Liturgical Brocade

Lent and Advent Pastor or Priest Stoles and Rose Stole for Laetare Sunday

Ecclesiastical Sewing introduces new designs in the Pastor or Priest Stole Collection for Lent and Advent. The Pope Gregory Violet Silk Dupioni Priest Stole, designed with gold trim and cross detail, is a featured stole. Available in various versions, with orphrey bands and tassels. Additionally, the Rose Stole, designed for Laetare and Gaudete Sundays, adds a special to the Penitential Seasons. The St. Ambrose Pastor or Priest Stole in rich violet hues. These stoles offer bespoke quality at an affordable price.

Altar Linen Book Cover

Church Linen Hand Embroidery Design for Purificator

This is a pre-cut keep sake baptismal towel that is intended to be given to the parents of a newly baptized infant. For an older child or an adult, one might select to embroider a purificator or lavabo-sized linen. This towel is small so that one gets used to the concepts of turning up linen hems and mitering corners without having to stitch long hems at the beginning.

Hand Embroidered Linen Altar Set

Small Altar Linens and a Gift for You

Linens are an item used every day or every week in the life of most churches.  Linens are used for the most sacred and important part of a church service during the service of Holy Communion or the Eucharist. The small church linens or altar linens used in the Divine Service are the Fairlinen which is placed directly on the altar, the corporal, the lavabo towel, and the purificator. Some churches use a small side table that is covered by a Credence cloth.

Altar Linen Book Cover

Email sign up form and small church linen booklet

Carrie has written an instruction booklet for making and embroidering small Church Linens and altar linens. This booklet describes the making and care for the small altar linens used during the service of Holy Communion or the Eucharist. Also included in the booklet is a collection of original and vintage hand embroidery designs. This booklet is our gift to you for subscribing to the Ecclesiastical Sewing email list!

Luther Rose Embroidery on Black Evesham

Wardrobes for Clergy: Liturgical Vestments and Pastoral Stoles

The liturgical vestment known as the stole–the type we see today–came into form around the twelfth century; it has retained the basic shape familiar to us with minor variations over time. The variations include width, spade ends, and neckline variations. The styles of stole decorations have changed dramatically through the centuries.

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