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Category: Sewing Specialty Fabrics

Some aspirant sewers who engage in ecclesiastical projects face the challenge and excitement of sewing specialty fabrics such as brocades, silk, tapestries, brocatelles, or damasks. These are not only for home decor, and fashion but also designed for liturgical use. These provide a rich canvas for creating stunning vestments, altar cloths, and other liturgical items with unique textures and patterns.

To ensure the flexibility of these delicate and intricate fabrics, they must be handled with care. One of the good reasons for these special fabrics is, that anyone can learn to work with these fabrics. It enhances the beauty of finished products. Applying techniques, and adding ornaments like appliqué, goldwork, and embroidery, can also elevate the pattern of sewing projects.

Here at Ecclesiastical Sewing offer numerous opportunities to experiment with a wide variety of fabrics and techniques. By carefully selecting the appropriate materials and using proper techniques. Anyone can create beautiful and quality liturgical items that will stand for years with proper care.

To understand the various techniques that can be applied to sewing projects by Ecclesiastical Sewing, one must know the different types. Appliqué involves stitching one piece of fabric onto another to create a design or pattern. Goldwork uses metallic threads and wires to create intricate designs. Lastly, embroidery allows for the addition of detailed stitching to enhance the texture of the fabric

Sewing specialty fabrics with Ecclesiastical Sewing provides a fulfilling and interesting experience. Our different collections of unique fabrics offer a wide range of possibilities for creating beautiful liturgical pieces that will surely be treasured.

Dowlas linen for use in making church vestments

How to Make the Outside for Vestments Look Great

For great-looking vestments, use quality interfacing inside. Choose materials like Dowlas linen, French Micro Twill, and Silk Organza for stoles. Use pre-shrunk white cotton canvas for medium-weight support. For altar frontals, pick Dowlas or various weights of cotton canvas. Opt for Silk Dupioni, Satin Lining, or Cotton Sateen for lining, with dress-weight satin being versatile, Silk Dupioni serving dual purposes, and Cotton Sateen minimizing slipping in stoles.

St. Margaret Liturgical Brocade for Church Vestments

St. Margaret Liturgical Brocade for Church Vestments

The religious brocade that we are considering today is the regal St. Margaret Liturgical Brocade fabric. This is a fabric created for use in church vestments. The design is masterfully created around the motifs of a large Tudor Rose and a Crown. Both are interspersed with vines and other floral motifs which create the impression of a large and grand pattern.

Religious Brocade Church Vestment Fabric

White and Gold Religious Fabrics

Ecclesiastical Sewing offers a special collection of white and gold liturgical fabrics for Lent and Good Friday. With unique patterns, including crosses and shimmering lurex threads, these fabrics are ideal for making chasubles, copes, altar hangings, and banners. The limited-time collection is perfect for churches with budget and provides an opportunity to create beautiful vestments for the seasons of the liturgical calendar.

York Ivory and Gold liturgical fabric

Dainty Liturgical Fabrics? How Will They Look!

The fabrics can be a range of tapestry fabrics such as the stunning Aragon Tapestry with its large Jardinière design, Brocatelles such as Wakefield or Evesham Liturgical fabric. These are all lovely fabrics that can be used to make an entire vestment, or they can be cut and used for accents on other vestments. The size and scale of each of these fabrics allow for limitless options to fuel one’s imagination. These fabrics has shimmering threads woven into the intricate designs which adds so much to the beauty of the final vestments.

Religious Fabric Wakefield violet

How to Match Patterns using Violet Ely Crown Liturgical Fabric

Violet is a favorite color that is used once or twice during the church year. The seasons of violet are Advent and Lent, the Penitential Seasons. Many other colors fall under the “umbrella” of the Penitential color Violet. These include Roman purple, rose, and blue. Black and scarlet may also be included in the group of colors. Violet has been used for a long time as a color for church vestments.

Fairford Red Gold Stole Kit large

A Stole Kit by definition is…

Ecclesiastical Sewing was centered around materials for sewing Ecclesiastical items. We have since been blessed with the ability to make finished vestments and paraments for sale. But we want to make sure we encourage inspiring seamstresses and tailors to use their talents for their churches and clergy. This art form must continue to be passed on and be available for future generations. The best way to begin the journey of ecclesiastical sewing is to make a stole. Instead of buying fabric, canvas, and lining separately, we offer the right amount of all three to create a stole.

Aragon Red Lurex Liturgical Tapestry Fabric

Dainty Liturgical Fabrics? How Will They Look!

These fabrics often showcase medium to large patterns, like the Aragon Tapestry with its Jardinière design or Brocatelles such as Wakefield and Evesham. They are versatile for creating entire vestments or using cut pieces as accents. The size and scale offer endless possibilities, and shimmering threads woven into intricate designs enhance the beauty of the final vestments.

St. Margaret Liturgical Brocade used for Historical Costume

Liturgical Brocades Used for Church Vestments and Historical Costumes

Our Liturgical Brocade Fabrics have been designed and woven by the same company in the United Kingdom for over 140 years.  The patterns used in many of the Liturgical Brocade and damask fabrics come from historic sources such as paintings, frescoes, or paintings of vintage textiles. The top designers of the late 1800s, such as Sir Ninian Comper, created several fabric patterns that are still in production today.


Lovely Ecclesiastical Fabrics

Each fabric is beautiful in its own special way, be it color, pattern, texture, or drape. Each has characteristics that lend it to be the perfect liturgical fabric for special use. The fiber contents are as varied as the patterns, fabrics, and weaves. The price points range from moderate prices for churches on a budget, to exclusive silks and cloth of gold fabrics intended for unique and special sacred vestments. There are solids, piece-dyed, and yarn-dyed fabrics, brocades, metallics, plain weaves, and crisp linens that range from the brightest whites to the deepest and richest violet, and the warmest and richest golds and vibrant reds.