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A Stole Kit by definition is

Today I am submitting for your reading pleasure the first of our next series of blog posts. Although we are still adding Advent products to our website–and maybe will have some other seasons in the next months–we have a different topic we want to explore with y’all:. A Stole Kits by definition.

This post will just be a broad overview and by the end of this read, you will know what a stole kit is.

Our original focus for Ecclesiastical Sewing was centered around materials for sewing Ecclesiastical items. We have since been blessed with the ability to make finished vestments and paraments for sale. But we want to make sure we encourage inspiring seamstresses and tailors to use their talents for their churches and clergy. This art form must continue to be passed on and be available for future generations.

The best way to begin the journey of ecclesiastical sewing is to make a stole. Instead of buying fabric, canvas, and lining separately, we offer the right amount of all three to create a stole.

Fairford Red Gold Stole Kit large

And this is a stole kit! A simple and elegant concept, isn’t it?

This series of posts will tackle EVERY possible aspect of stole-making and stole kits. Stay tuned and learn more! Thanks for following along. #StoleKitFrenzy

~Nihil Sine Deo~

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