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Tag: Goldwork Appliques

Goldwork appliques add beauty to any liturgical vestment or altar hanging. Ecclesiastical Sewing often makes these appliques with metallic threads, including gold and silver, and can create intricate designs that enhance any garment’s depth and beauty. Religious tradition is steeped in these appliques, as they have been used in churches and other places of worship for centuries.

If you want to include goldwork appliques in your liturgical designs, we, offer a collection of quality appliques. We also cater to various design styles. Ecclesiastical Sewing has something to fit every aesthetic and budget, from simple crosses to complex religious motifs. You can use these appliques to enhance altar frontals, chasubles, stoles, and other liturgical vestments.

So, if you want to elevate the beauty of your liturgical garments or altar hangings, consider goldwork appliques from us. Turning your design to create something truly special.

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Hand Embroidery Design Framed Up

Hand Embroidery Design Framed Up

Framing the Ecclesiastical Embroidery design for the Pulpit fall in progress. A cross with floral motifs, Chi-Rho, and lilies will adorn this piece., considering the fabric’s brocade backdrop. The original floral details may evolve into goldwork threads for a stunning effect. The framed design offers a space to experiment with colors and ideas. Excitement builds for this Easter Ecclesiastical Vestment set, with plans to baste layers and provide a protective cover soon.

The Littlest Lamb in The Tale of Two Lambs

The Littlest Lamb in The Tale of Two Lambs

Making of the Littlest Lamb in The Tale of Two Lambs. Created on Alba Maxima linen from Hedgehog Handworks, this lamb comes to life with stitches and delicate shading. The linen provides a perfect canvas, and the project is stretched on an Evertite Frame. Various hand embroidery techniques, including long and short stitch shading, satin stitch, laid work, goldwork couching, split stitch, and stem stitch outlining, contribute to the lamb’s intricate details.

A Tale of Two Lambs Embroidery project on

The Tale of Two Lambs

“The Tale of Two Lambs” is about making special decorations for a church, like Easter cloths. At first, the results weren’t good so, learning more became the focus. The Angus Dei featuring two lambs—one small for a robe and one big for an altar cloth. The story is about learning and getting better at sewing with silk and gold threads, with more things to find out along the way.

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