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Category: Sewing Chasubles

At Ecclesiastical Sewing, we make it our mission to provide quality liturgical sewing patterns for chasubles that require skill, precision, and attention to detail. Our extensive collection of patterns includes a wide variety of styles, such as Gothic, Semi-Gothic, Roman Fiddleback, and more. We carefully craft each pattern to ensure that even beginners can create beautiful chasubles with ease.

Our patterns come with detailed instructions and illustrations that guide you through every step of the sewing process. We also offer a variety of decorative elements. Like, orphrey bands, that you can incorporate into the design to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the vestment. These elements add an extra texture to the chasuble, making it a truly unique piece of art.

Whether you are a seasoned seamstress or a beginner, our liturgical sewing patterns make it easy for you to create beautiful chasubles for your parish or personal gift ideas. With our patterns, you can tailor the chasuble to your specific needs and preferences. With a style that complements the liturgical season or celebration.

At Ecclesiastical Sewing, we are committed to providing quality liturgical sewing patterns. Also, enables anyone to create and appreciate beautiful chasubles style. And further, enhance the beauty and solemnity of the Mass celebration. Sewing chasubles is a rewarding and fulfilling endeavor that requires patience, skill, and creativity, and we are here to help you in any possible manner.

Gothic Chasuble Orphrey by Ecclesiastical Sewing

Gothic Chasuble Sewing Pattern Fabric Options

Chasubles are typically made of a lightweight, flowing fabric that features a large orphrey (decorative band) around the neck and down the front. There are a variety of fabric options that may be used for making chasubles, each with its own unique characteristics and benefits. Let’s take a few moments to explore some of the fabrics that might be used to create our Gothic Chasuble Sewing Pattern.

A discussion about Chasubles

The chasuble was an ordinary garment, and very full in form. The idea was that the cloth would cover the wearer’s clothes, providing extra warmth and protection from the elements. Romans called this piece of clothing a “clasura,” or “little house.” This garment evolved into a liturgical vestment that became specific to priests and used only during celebrations of the Mass.

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Traditional Church Vestment Sewing Patterns

Ecclesiastical Sewing provides traditional church vestment patterns for creating garments for clergies. The choice of vestments depends on the worship service style. For more traditional services, Gothic Style Chasuble with a fuller design is recommended. Monastic Style Chasuble with heavy folds is another option offered by Ecclesiastical Sewing. The Roman chasuble pattern is available in one-size-fits-all, while graded sizes from small to large are available for Gothic and Monastic styles.

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Creating Orphrey Bands for Church Vestments

Ecclesiastical Sewing introduces new Chasuble patterns with fancy trims called orphrey bands. The blog explains orphrey bands’ history and talks about the special St. Hubert Brocatelle fabric. It shows how to choose trims and cut the fabric to make these beautiful church vestments, making the process easy to understand for everyone.

Surplice Pattern

Carlisle Fabric in White for Roman Square Yoke Surplice Patterns

Ecclesiastical Sewing has introduced a fabric called Carlisle, named after a cathedral. It’s affordable, easy to care for, and versatile for making church vestments. It costs less than $25 per yard, is 60 inches wide, and made of 100% polyester. You can use it for various vestment patterns like the Roman Square Yoke Surplice. The Hunter Green Carlisle was used to make a beautiful chasuble with a tapestry orphrey band. It’s great for Albs and surplices, easy to wash, and practical for regular use.

Gothic chasuble with Y orphrey bands church vestment priest clothing Christmas vestments catholic priest vestments

Chasuble Patterns for Making Church Vestments

The Gothic Chasuble pattern body is a delight to sew, The pattern is printed as a full-size pattern on a large white document pattern. The chasuble pattern comes as a multi sized pattern with a small, medium, and large size.  There are markings on the pattern showing placement for the “Y” orphrey bands at the shoulders. The “Y” orphrey bands are full-sized patterns. The pattern also has neckline-facing pieces.

Liturgical Fabric for Vestment

April’s Goals

April Goal – To sew a Gothic Chasuble. there are two Gothic Chasuble patterns, each is a slight variation. Constructing one of the variations of the Gothic Chasuble. The chasuble marked by its long sleeves. An oval or circular in shape if it were to be spread out flat on the floor. Draping over the priest or pastor, almost poncho-like in resemblance.

Vestments made by a reader for his church

A Reader’s Labor of Love: Making Liturgical Vestments

David, a dedicated reader, has been creating beautiful liturgical vestments for his priest and parish. He recently shared photos of his work, showcasing an All Souls Day chasuble and stole. The orphrey features silver lamé with two different ribbons topstitched on. David’s creativity is evident in his material choices, and he even incorporated a Dogwood Flower design in the lace of the surplice, paying tribute to North Carolina’s official state flower.