Traditional Church Vestment Sewing Patterns

We receive a lot of emails from our readers in the Ecclesiastical Sewing Studio. One of the questions that frequently come up relates to church vestment pattern or patterns for creating church vestments.

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Clients frequently ask if Ecclesiastical Sewing carries Traditional Vestment Patterns. And we are happy to say, yes! We carry a wide selection of Traditional styles of Church Vestment Patterns. When the question is asked, there is a bit of confusion that comes with the question. Clients know they would like to make traditional vestments for their clergy, but they are not really certain what those traditional vestment styles are.

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The answers may vary, depending on the type of worship service the vestments will be created for. If Garments are needed for a more traditional style of worship that includes traditional liturgy with hymns, psalms, prayer, incense and perhaps processions, then a fuller chasuble style such the image shown above is a good choice. For ease of distinction, this style is often referred to as a Gothic Style Chasuble.

The chasuble has undergone many changes over the centuries. The garment had its beginnings in the form of the pænula or planeta – a huge weather-cloak, originally with a hood, which covered the whole body on rainy days. At first, it was shaped like a bell, reaching to the feet all around. It was held back by the deacon and subdeacon to keep the garment from falling over the celebrant’s hands. Then over the centuries, the chasuble was cut back in size.

Chasuble church vestment pattern, MOnastic chasuble pattern, priest chasuble pattern, traditional vestment patternsAnother chasuble is the monastic style chasuble pattern. This chasuble is a variation of many older chasuble styles where the garment falls in heavy folds around the celebrant. While this style does not fall all the way to the floor as a conical chasuble, it does fall in lovely folds and is longer than the Gothic chasuble style. This style may be created with the column orphrey as well as the “Y” orphrey bands.

The Roman chasuble comes in a one size fits all pattern. We currently have four variations of the Roman style Chasubles. The Gothic and Monastic style chasuble patterns come in graded sizes from small to large.

We hope you enjoy this summary of traditional style chasuble patterns for creating church vestments.

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