Traditional Linen Alb Priest Vestment Sewing Pattern

Ecclesiastical Sewing offered the widest range of patterns for those interested in creating their own church vestments, or for those needing patterns for their seamstresses who are making church vestments.

Many of our church vestment patterns are created based on the needs and requests made by clergy. We strive to honor the traditions in the church that have often stood for centuries. We also like to keep in touch with the church has grown and adapted our patterns, using care and respect for the traditions in the church.

Today, we are pleased to announce a new pattern in our ever-expanding library of church vestments. The pattern is a traditional alb that is worn by priests.

Traditional Priest alb Linen alb vintage alb sewing pattern church vestment pattern Ecclesiastical Sewing


The alb is worn over the cassock and amice.  It has the traditional narrow shoulder yokes, narrow band collar, front opening, sleeves that taper at the wrist, and full skirt with side godet inserts. The alb sewing pattern also has apparel details at the sleeve edge and hem.

Traditional Priest alb Linen alb vintage alb sewing pattern church vestment pattern Ecclesiastical SewingThe apparel used on the garment front may also be added to the garment back.


This traditional alb is usually created using a linen fabric. The fabric we recommend to this garment is the Renaissance linen. The linen has a nice weight and density, being neither too heavy or too thin.

The Vintage Linen Alb Sewing pattern will require between 5.5 and 6.5 yards of 60″ wide fabric. The alb could be made with the white Carlisle fabric as well for those that require was and wear.

The Traditional Linen Alb Pattern for Priest Vestments is available on our website Ecclesiastical Sewing, along with our full collection of church vestment sewing patterns.

Sole Dei Gloria

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