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Explore the elegance of sewing with Brocade Fabric, a textile that adds a regal look to your creations. Brocade Fabric, is perfect for its intricate patterns and rich textures. It become a top choice for liturgical garments, bringing luxury to religious attire. Its durable and quality fabric makes it an ideal choice for crafting garments that withstand the test of time. Enhance your sewing projects with the classic beauty of brocade and experience the joy of creating garments that radiate both style and durability.

This exquisite fabric not only offers stunning visual appeal but also boasts a comfortable and breathable feel, ensuring comfort during religious ceremonies. Choose Brocade Fabric for its durability, luxury, and ease of handling, and let it shine in your sewing projects.

Which Patterns for Which Stole Kits?

Size “A” is all that is available for all the other fabrics: Luther Rose Brocade, Evesham Lurex Brocade, Litchfield Brocade, St. Aidan Brocade, York Brocade, Cloister Brocade, Florence Brocade, Fairford Two Toned Brocade, Fairford Brocade, Ely Crown Brocade, Glastonbury Brocade, and Winchester Brocade. When you select one of these and put it in your cart for purchase, you are only purchasing enough to make a 3.5” or 4.5” stole.
Size “B” stoles– V-neck stoles, Deacon stoles, Tapered stoles, and 5” stoles. Each pattern of the brocade is different and so must be cut according to that specific pattern repeated.

Religious Fabric Wakefield violet

How to Match Patterns using Violet Ely Crown Liturgical Fabric

Violet is a favorite color that is used once or twice during the church year. The seasons of violet are Advent and Lent, the Penitential Seasons. Many other colors fall under the “umbrella” of the Penitential color Violet. These include Roman purple, rose, and blue. Black and scarlet may also be included in the group of colors. Violet has been used for a long time as a color for church vestments.

Fairford Red Gold Stole Kit large

A Stole Kit by definition is…

Ecclesiastical Sewing was centered around materials for sewing Ecclesiastical items. We have since been blessed with the ability to make finished vestments and paraments for sale. But we want to make sure we encourage inspiring seamstresses and tailors to use their talents for their churches and clergy. This art form must continue to be passed on and be available for future generations. The best way to begin the journey of ecclesiastical sewing is to make a stole. Instead of buying fabric, canvas, and lining separately, we offer the right amount of all three to create a stole.

Evesham Gold Gold Liturgical Church Vestment Brocade

Crown of Glory: Ecclesiastical Church Embroidery Design Part 1

Ecclesiastical Sewing, offering a nice range of assorted fabrics in a wide range of price points for use in making church vestments and altar hangings. Our liturgical Brocade, Damask, Lurex brocades, and Tapestry Church vestment fabrics are imported from the United Kingdom. The designs and patterns used in the fabrics come from a wide range of sources, which include historical paintings, fabrics, and Frescoes. Other fabric designs are patterns that were created by well-known church designers in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Liturgical Brocades: St. Aidan and Cloister Brocade

Liturgical brocades like St. Aidan and Cloister. These fabrics, ideal for both church vestments and academic wear, offer a subtle yet elegant design. St. Aidan comes in various colors corresponding to church seasons and academic degrees, while Cloister features a thistle and rose motif. These piece-dyed brocades are suitable for pastoral stoles and chasubles, allowing for creative design details like lightweight embroidery or orphrey bands.

St. Nicolas Rose Liturgical Brocade Fabric

The Fourth Special July Post

Gaudete Sunday, the third Sunday of Advent, is known as the “other” rose Sunday. While Advent is a preparatory, penitential, and contemplative season, Gaudete Sunday provides a reprieve from solemnity with lighter readings and the joyous sight of rose-colored vestments, a break from the usual dark blue, purple/violet, or black.

Glastonbury Roman Purple Information on a Brocade

Information on a Brocade

Glastonbury Brocade, originally designed by William Perkins around 1890 A.D., features a Rose and a Crown of Thorns. Legend has it that Joseph of Arimathea visited Glastonbury, England, in the first century and planted a thorn tree on Wearyall Hill. Clippings from the original tree, cut down during the English Civil War, were used to replant a new tree in 1951. This thorn tree is a symbol of interest for both Pagans and Christians, flowering around Easter and Christmas. With a small pattern repeat, Glastonbury Brocade carries a rich heritage and has been widely used for many years.

Fairford Blue Detail Large

The Second of The Special July Posts

Advent is the first season in the liturgical calendar and it is a season of preparation for celebrating Christ’s birth. It also reminds us to look ahead to the promised return of our Saviour. And as we look forward to this wonderful time, we also look inward at our own personal state, which leads to repentance. This is where the color purple, perhaps a lovely violet shade, is most appropriate.

Luther Rose Catechesis Stole Green Liturgical Vestment

Updates and New Items for Ordinary Times in the Church Year

We enter a season filled with green trees and grass dotted with bright pink, purple, red, and white the flowers blooming profusely all around us. One glance around nature provides a feast of green shades for the eye to behold. It brings the entire world to life. Green is also the color for ordinary times in the church years. With the long Trinity Season or the “Green” Season just getting underway in the church year.

Good Friday Dossal

The Ecclesiastical Sewing Family’s Easter in 2017

The Ecclesiastical Sewing Family’s Easter in 2017 and a special church project. Dossal curtain – Dossals, traditionally adorned with intricate embroideries, like the Lanercost Dossal. Tailored to fit sanctuary dimensions, for instance, is 88” wide and 124” long, complementing stained glass. A captivating coincidence forms a cross with the dossal and stained glass, as seen in the Good Friday dossal, the dossal and the stained glass make a cross on the back wall behind the big wooden cross.

Fairford Violet Liturgical Brocade

Lent and Advent Pastor or Priest Stoles and Rose Stole for Laetare Sunday

Ecclesiastical Sewing introduces new designs in the Pastor or Priest Stole Collection for Lent and Advent. The Pope Gregory Violet Silk Dupioni Priest Stole, designed with gold trim and cross detail, is a featured stole. Available in various versions, with orphrey bands and tassels. Additionally, the Rose Stole, designed for Laetare and Gaudete Sundays, adds a special to the Penitential Seasons. The St. Ambrose Pastor or Priest Stole in rich violet hues. These stoles offer bespoke quality at an affordable price.

Aragon Red Lurex Liturgical Tapestry Fabric

Dainty Liturgical Fabrics? How Will They Look!

These fabrics often showcase medium to large patterns, like the Aragon Tapestry with its Jardinière design or Brocatelles such as Wakefield and Evesham. They are versatile for creating entire vestments or using cut pieces as accents. The size and scale offer endless possibilities, and shimmering threads woven into intricate designs enhance the beauty of the final vestments.