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Tag: Sewing Brocade Fabric

Explore the elegance of sewing with Brocade Fabric, a textile that adds a regal look to your creations. Brocade Fabric, is perfect for its intricate patterns and rich textures. It become a top choice for liturgical garments, bringing luxury to religious attire. Its durable and quality fabric makes it an ideal choice for crafting garments that withstand the test of time. Enhance your sewing projects with the classic beauty of brocade and experience the joy of creating garments that radiate both style and durability.

This exquisite fabric not only offers stunning visual appeal but also boasts a comfortable and breathable feel, ensuring comfort during religious ceremonies. Choose Brocade Fabric for its durability, luxury, and ease of handling, and let it shine in your sewing projects.

St Margaret Ivory Lurex Detail Liturgical Fabric

St. Margaret Ivory Lurex Altar Frontal

The fabrics selection on this project is St. Margaret in the Ivory Lurex color and St. Hubert in the Gold/Gold color. Oak Leaf gallon was used to edge the orphrey, and a metallic gold thread fringe graces the lower edge of the superfrontal and frontal.  The superfrontal is made entirely from the Gold/Gold St. Hubert with the metallic gold fringe as the only adornment. The frontal is made using St. Margaret as the base fabric, with orphreys of St. Hubert in Gold/Gold with the 1-inch wide Oak Leaf galloon used to finish the edges. 

Liturgical Fabrics Design Details

Liturgical Fabrics: Design Details

Venezia is a lovely name for a liturgical fabric. It conjures up thoughts of foreign lands with such a name, and so it should.  Venezia’s name is tied to the Venetian artisans of long ago. The 15th-century Venetian artisans, who drew much of their design influence from the ancient Romans, developed a taste for reproducing many of the classical architectural features from that era.  Those features include the use of graceful lines, the classical form of the pottery or jar, in the jardiniere, as well as other design elements such as the birds, plants, and scroll work.

Determining the Orphreys for the Stole

Priest or Pastor Stoles: The Tricky Parts

Making Priest or Pastor Stoles involves overcoming tricky parts. With Silk Shantung fabric, the challenge is its semi-transparency. To address this, underlining with unbleached muslin is presented. Orphrey size and placement are determined using the cutting table grid, following the design rule of “threes” for visual appeal. Now comes the tricky part: the lower edge of the stole. A geometry lesson and a protractor lead to marking angles and folding techniques, simplifying the process and making stole ends more enjoyable to finish.

Church Hand Embroidery Pattern for Advent, Advent Altar Hanging and Pulpit Fall Ideas

Advent Altar Hanging and Pulpit Fall Ideas

Ecclesiastical Sewing takes a break from finishing the Monk’s Habit to brainstorm Advent Altar Hanging and Pulpit Fall Ideas. Current hangings are deemed unsatisfactory, prompting a plan for an interim Advent Set using machine embroidery on Silk Dupioni fabric. The proposed design includes stars, Alpha and Omega, and Chi-Rho symbols. Time constraints pose a challenge, but the aim is to complete the project using a beautiful blue Silk Dupioni fabric and possibly incorporating Silver Elizabethan Twist thread for added shimmer.

Verona Tapestry Bird Motif, Rose Vestments and IHS Design

Rose Vestments and IHS Design Index

Ecclesiastical Sewing created Rose Vestments for Gaudete and Laetare Sundays. The set included an Altar Frontal, Pulpit Fall, Stole, Maniple, Chasuble, and optional Chalice Veil and Burse. Fabrics like Rose Florence Brocade and Verona Lurex Tapestry with symbolic bird motifs were chosen. The Altar Frontal featured intricate Ecclesiastical Embroidery. The Verona Tapestry’s rich design minimized the need for extensive embroidery, with selected trimmings completing the set.

Silk Dupioni is used for Church Vestments and Church Embroidery

Ecclesiastical Vestment Fabric Cost

Choosing fabrics for Ecclesiastical Sewing involves factors like season, budget, and project duration. Silk Dupioni and cost-effective options suit various vestment pieces. True Ecclesiastical Fabrics like Fairford and Wakefield, though pricier, offer quality and durability. Their longevity justifies the investment, making the cost minimal over the Vestment’s service life.

Stylized Floral Motif

Ecclesiastical Fabric Pattern Repeats

Pattern repeats in Ecclesiastical fabrics might sound scary, but fear not! Let’s take a lovely brocade, like the Florence from the UK. It’s got motifs like floral stars and stylized flowers. The key is the “pattern repeat.” For Florence, it’s 14 1/2″ both lengthwise and widthwise. So, if you start at a point on a motif and follow it until you hit the same point on the next identical motif, that’s one repeat. Simple! It’s like a beautiful puzzle waiting to be solved.