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Explore the elegance of sewing with Brocade Fabric, a textile that adds a regal look to your creations. Brocade Fabric, is perfect for its intricate patterns and rich textures. It become a top choice for liturgical garments, bringing luxury to religious attire. Its durable and quality fabric makes it an ideal choice for crafting garments that withstand the test of time. Enhance your sewing projects with the classic beauty of brocade and experience the joy of creating garments that radiate both style and durability.

This exquisite fabric not only offers stunning visual appeal but also boasts a comfortable and breathable feel, ensuring comfort during religious ceremonies. Choose Brocade Fabric for its durability, luxury, and ease of handling, and let it shine in your sewing projects.

St. Margaret Liturgical Brocade used for Historical Costume

Liturgical Brocades Used for Church Vestments and Historical Costumes

Our Liturgical Brocade Fabrics have been designed and woven by the same company in the United Kingdom for over 140 years.  The patterns used in many of the Liturgical Brocade and damask fabrics come from historic sources such as paintings, frescoes, or paintings of vintage textiles. The top designers of the late 1800s, such as Sir Ninian Comper, created several fabric patterns that are still in production today.

Chelsmford Liturgical Silk Damask White Liturgical Fabric

White Liturgical Religious Fabrics for Making Church Vestments

Advent is a season of preparation that leads up to one of the most Festive seasons in the Church year. Christmas will soon be here, and with it comes the splendor and joy of the birth of our Redeemer, the Christ Child. Each season in the church year is marked by a change in vestment color and symbols. The color for Christmas is white or gold. White is also the color used for Epiphany, Transfiguration Sunday, and Easter, along with several other festivals throughout the church year.

St. Margaret Blue Gold liturgical fabric

Violet, Blue and Rose Liturgical Brocade Church Vestments Fabrics

Advent, the first season in a new church year,  and Lent are penitential seasons – a time of reflection and a time to focus on the fulfillment of a promise. Color is used within the church to remind us that Advent and Lent are Penitential Seasons. Violet or Purple are the colors used during these seasons of the church year. Under the heading of purple or violet, come a few other colors. Rose is the color used in the third week of Advent and the fourth week of Lent to remind us of the slight change in the reading that has a lighter meaning.

St Dominic blue tassel gold crosses on York brocade

Liturgical Brocade Fabric for Pastoral Stole Kits

Ivory York Liturgical Brocade, a subtle, but lovely fabric, is featured in this photo. The cotton is used as interfacing for pastoral stoles. One could also use hair canvas such as that used in tailoring, but it is often difficult to locate and can be expensive. The canvas that is 100% Cotton in medium to heavy weight is my favorite interfacing of choice for providing needed body, weight, and stability to a pastoral stole. Satin lining is included with all stole kits and is in a matching or contrasting color.

Luther Rose Embroidery on Black Evesham

Wardrobes for Clergy: Liturgical Vestments and Pastoral Stoles

The liturgical vestment known as the stole–the type we see today–came into form around the twelfth century; it has retained the basic shape familiar to us with minor variations over time. The variations include width, spade ends, and neckline variations. The styles of stole decorations have changed dramatically through the centuries.

Lichfield Liturgical Fabric Pattern Matching Fluer Motif

Lichfield Liturgical Fabric: Reformation Stole and Chasuble

Ecclesiastical Sewing shares a valuable tip for precise pattern placement when cutting stoles from the stunning red Lichfield Liturgical Fabric. By folding the paper pattern in half along the stole’s length and aligning the fold with the center of the design motif, the risk of misalignment is minimized. This practical method ensures a beautifully centered stole with ease.


Lovely Ecclesiastical Fabrics

Each fabric is beautiful in its own special way, be it color, pattern, texture, or drape. Each has characteristics that lend it to be the perfect liturgical fabric for special use. The fiber contents are as varied as the patterns, fabrics, and weaves. The price points range from moderate prices for churches on a budget, to exclusive silks and cloth of gold fabrics intended for unique and special sacred vestments. There are solids, piece-dyed, and yarn-dyed fabrics, brocades, metallics, plain weaves, and crisp linens that range from the brightest whites to the deepest and richest violet, and the warmest and richest golds and vibrant reds.

Pastoral Stole Pattern and Fabric

Pastoral Stoles and Stole Patterns

The fabrics, from bottom to top, are York Brocade – Ivory, Winchester Brocade – Purple, Fairford Brocade – Bridal White, Ely Crown – Gold, Fairford Brocade – Purple, Fairford Brocade Ivory, Fairford Brocade Gold, Fairford Brocade – Blue/Gold, and Winchester Brocade- Ivory. These durable fabrics are well-suited for making pastoral stoles, designed to withstand the demands of hand embroidery. With a higher thread count and dense weave, they offer both durability and weight, ensuring the stoles hang straight and stay in place during use.

Evesham Liturgical Fabric White Gold

Evesham Red/Gold and Gold/Gold

Evesham is a metallic brocade, which is difficult to capture in photos. There is a tiny glimmer of metallic threads that outline the ogee motif. As much as I like the Red and gold color combination of Evesham. The lovely white gold version of Evesham that is so very lovely in soft candlelight.  The white gold is a lovely choice for Christmas and Easter Celebrations.

Cloister Liturgical Fabric

Cloister Liturgical Fabric

Cloister is a reversible symbolic pattern that dates from around the year 1900.  If one looks closely, it is easy to see the two main design features of the Scottish Thistle and the English Rose which were popular at that time. Cloister is a lighter-weight ecclesiastical fabric that would work well for making stoles, chasubles, tunics, dalmatics, chalice veils, and other vestment pieces.  Cloister would work well with machine embroidery when the proper stabilizers and backings are used.

St. Aidan Green Detail Liturgical Fabric

St. Aidan Liturgical Fabric

St. Aidan is a small reversible liturgical fabric that features an English Rose and vine pattern. The pattern repeat is 8″ which makes it an easy fabric to work with for those who are just starting out with pattern repeats, as well as being a favorite fabric choice for the seasoned vestment maker. St. Aidan is suitable for making stoles, chasubles, chalice veils, burses, dalmatics, and tunics as well as for other small vestment items.  St. Aidan would also work for smaller altar hangings.