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Category: Liturgical Fabrics, Trims and Appliques

Ecclesiastical Sewing is an ideal choice for quality liturgical fabrics, trims, and appliques. We work with the best manufacturers worldwide to bring you our handpicked selection of liturgical fabrics in a variety of colors, textures, and designs. Our fabrics range from rich brocades and silks to crisp cotton and linens, ensuring that we have the choice of material for every project and preference.

We know that quality materials are key to bringing your liturgical designs to life. That’s why we are committed to providing only quality materials for our customers. We carefully select our materials to ensure that they are not only beautiful but also durable. With our commitment to quality, you can trust that your finished products will withstand years with proper care.

In addition, our trims and appliques enhance intricate designs and fine craftsmanship, adding texture and dimension to any project. Whether you’re looking to create a new vestment or altar cloth, our selection of trims and appliques will take your designs to the next level.

Don’t wait any longer to elevate your liturgical designs. Shop with us today and experience the difference that quality materials can make. With our selection of liturgical fabrics, trims, and appliques, you’re sure to find the perfect materials to bring out your real ideas. Moreover, our commitment to quality ensures that your finished products will exceed your expectations. For an even more personalized touch, we also provide custom embroidery suggestions. Consider Ecclesiastical Sewing to assist you in fulfilling your liturgical dreams!

Goldwork Dove applique for hand embroidery, Goldwork embroidery, Pentecost Dove, Ecclesiastical Sewing

Quick Sewing Tip: Add Goldwork Dove Appliques to Red Stoles for Pentecost

To create a vibrant Pentecost stole, start with a red stole, such as the Ely Crown Stole, featuring plain fabric near the chest area. Choose a gold Dove Applique, like the goldwork Dove with imitation Japanese Goldwork threads, which may include colored thread accents. For couching, use Goldwork threads like Imitation Japanese Gold Thread, Gilt gold twist, or Au Ver a Soie Gold Thread.

St, Margaret Red

Pentecost a Season of Red Liturgical Fabrics

Red is the traditional color for Pentecost vestments, and among my favorite “red” options are fabrics like the St. Margaret Brocade, showcasing a bold pattern with a Tudor Rose and Crown. This liturgical brocade is available in solid red and two-toned variations, including the fiery red/gold option in the Fairford Brocade. Another excellent choice is the Red Lichfield Brocade, offering a rich hue perfect for Pentecost. Additionally, there’s the Luther Rose Brocade, Ely Crown, Silk Dupioni, and more in vibrant red tones.

Church vestment fabric Liturgical Fabric Sewing church vestmentbs Making church vestments Ecclesaistical Sewing Chasuble patterns Chasuble orphrey bands

Creating Orphrey Bands for Church Vestments

Ecclesiastical Sewing introduces new Chasuble patterns with fancy trims called orphrey bands. The blog explains orphrey bands’ history and talks about the special St. Hubert Brocatelle fabric. It shows how to choose trims and cut the fabric to make these beautiful church vestments, making the process easy to understand for everyone.

Tips for Sewing with Cloth of Gold or Silver

Tips for Sewing with Cloth of Gold or Silver

The Cloth of Gold and Cloth of Silver are wonderful fabrics to select for use as full vestments or for accent pieces such as orphrey bands or appliques. Cloth of Gold is also a frequent fabric used for trimming a Bishop’s miter. The Lurex Diaper Cloth of Gold. It has a slightly different weave that creates almost a zig-zag effect. Diaper is a term that refers to a particular type of repeating pattern. In this case, it is the repeating zig-zag pattern.

Tippet fabric Grosgrain silk Bengaline Ecclesiastical Sewing

Sewing Tips: What is needed to make a Tippet

The tippet pattern is one of the many church vestment sewing patterns available through our Ecclesiastical Sewing online storefront. The tippet pattern is sized to have a nice length and width. Tippets are worn with a surplice and cassock as part of the choir dress. They are used for the offices of morning and evening prayer or at other times when Holy Communion is not served.

Orphrey for chalice veil

Luther Rose Brocade – Something Special

Designed in collaboration with Edward Riojas, the Luther Rose Brocade is a special liturgical fabric. It features the Luther Rose emblem and Patonce Cross, created through a meticulous weaving process for durability in goldwork and hand embroidery. Available in Red, Green, Blue, Violet, White, and Ivory, this exclusive fabric is offered at Ecclesiastical Sewing for creating unique church vestments.

Hand Embroidery Design for Altar Linens

Hand Embroidery Design for Altar Linens

The design consists of a border pattern and a scrollwork cross embroidery pattern. The border pattern comes from my collection of vintage embroidery designs. These vintage designs come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and conditions. They must be cleaned up and turned into a line drawing to be used as an embroidery pattern. The cross pattern is a new design created from components of the border pattern.

Pentecost Dove Emblem

Pentecost Dove Emblem

This little dove is a hand-embroidered applique that is ready to be applied to a vestment or altar hanging. The Dove is made from an assortment of goldwork threads such as bullion, passing thread, and purl pearl. The feet and nimbus rays are made from embroidered threads. This little dove is heavily padded to create a high relief.¬† The size is 4.5″ x 7″ which is a bit wide for a stole, but perfect for use in a quatrefoil frame for use on a chasuble or used on an altar hanging.

altar linen fabric

Altar Linen Fabric Selection

My go-to linen of choice is Renaissance  Linen. Renaissance Linen is a lovely white Irish linen that is 60 inches wide. It has threads that can be pulled if one would like to hemstitch. This linen is a lovely weight for hand and machine embroidery. Renaissance is lovely enough to use for both everyday linen as well as for linen set aside or dedicated for use on festival occasions. Renaissance is an affordable linen. At 60 inches wide, one can easily get most fair linens out of a length and have plenty of linen remaining for use as small altar linens.

St. Margaret Liturgical Brocade for Church Vestments

St. Margaret Liturgical Brocade for Church Vestments

The religious brocade that we are considering today is the regal St. Margaret Liturgical Brocade fabric. This is a fabric created for use in church vestments. The design is masterfully created around the motifs of a large Tudor Rose and a Crown. Both are interspersed with vines and other floral motifs which create the impression of a large and grand pattern.

Christmas Rose Chasuble and Stole Set

Virgin and Child Goldwork Embroidery Design

The Madonna and Child Goldwork Emblem is to be used on the back of a white Gothic chasuble. The chasuble is designed using our classic Gothic Chasuble Pattern cut with “Y” orphrey bands. The Virgin and Child design uses goldwork embroidery and colored thread embroidery embellishments on a hand-painted design. This Embroidery Design has a great deal of detailed work and requires care when applying it to a church vestment.