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Category: Pastor or Priest Stole Patterns

During religious services, clergy members wear the pastor or priest stole, which symbolizes the authority given by the congregation. The pastor’s and priest’s stole sewing pattern is a long, narrow strip of fabric that they drape around their neck and down the front, adorned with symbolic colors, designs, or embroidery.

The stole’s colors and designs have specific meanings rather than just being decorative. For example, white stoles are suitable for use during the Christmas season, while purple stoles are appropriate for the Lent period. Red stoles are worn on Pentecost Sunday, and green stoles are used during Ordinary Time. The designs and embroidery on the stoles also have symbolic meanings, such as the cross, which represents Christ’s sacrifice.

We understand the significance of the pastor or priest’s stole and offer a wide selection of patterns to choose from. Our stoles feature liturgical fabrics and beautiful designs that make religious services more special.

You can visit our website to see our pattern collection, learn more about the history and symbolism of pastor or priest stoles, and even get tips on making your stole. We are committed to providing our customers with top-quality products, so you can shop confidently.

In summary, the pastor or priest stole is a vital vestment that symbolizes the authority of clergy members. It comes in various colors and designs, each with its symbolic meaning. What’s more, Ecclesiastical Sewing offers a wide range of patterns to help you find the perfect stole for your needs.

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Custom Crafted Ordination Stoles

Ordination and being installed as the pastor at a church is a special time for clergy. There are often special services that are planned in honor of the event. The ordination and installation service is a time when a new pastor gets to wear their first stole. The vestment color for ordination and installation is red and so tradition often dictates the gifting of a red stole

St. Philip Apostle; St. Philip Feast Day, Ecclesiastical Sewing

St. Philip and St. James and New Apostle Pastor Stole

Lutherans and Roman Catholics celebrated the feast days of St. Philip and St. James the Apostles on May 1st and 3rd. Both church bodies agree on the importance of these Apostles. Philip was called by Jesus in Bethsaida and brought Nathanael to Christ, while St. James is traditionally believed to have been martyred. Ecclesiastical Sewing has introduced “The Apostle Collection” of church vestments, emphasizing these important figures in Christian history.

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Ways to Honor Soon-to-be-Ordained Pastors and Priests

The ordination of a new pastor or priest usually involves a ceremony or special service. Many churches have a specific order of service to ordain new clergy. There is a special service to install them as the pastor or priest in their new church or parish. These are special times. And it is important to honor the calling of God’s Holy Ministers.

Rose Stoles Gaudete Sunday

Rose Stoles for Gaudete and Laetare Sundays

Rose vestments, used in penitential seasons like Advent and Lent, symbolize hope and joy amid our sinful state. Many churches adopt rose vestments, enhancing worship through visual cues and aiding the pastor’s teaching efforts. Embracing the Liturgical Arts helps engage diverse learners, fostering a deeper connection to the beauty of God’s creation and Word in the church.

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What is a Tippet: Church Vestments

The tippet was originally a form of outdoor dress and it may have been fur-lined. Much of its history has been tied to academic use. Tippets have historically been made of silk fabric. The tippet is generally between 6″ to 10.5″ wide. The softer the fabric, the wider the tippet may be. The ends are usually finished with a plain simple hem. However, in the 19th century, the ends were finished with a zig-zag or pinked end.

Installation of a New Pastor

Within the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, red is the traditional liturgical color to be worn for installation service.  And look at all of the lovely red stoles! Within our church body, it is tradition for pastors within the local circuit to attend the installation service of a brother pastor. At this installation service, there were a total of seventeen pastors vested in red stoles! There is a wealth and abundance in the variety of pastoral stoles.

Installation of Kevin Robson CMO St. Louis, MO

Red Pentecost Stoles

This stole is intended for use during an installation. The components consist of an applique of a Sword and a Bible. The machine embroidered applique and the lower orphrey were placed on a silk dupioni stole using a red and gold galloon trim to finish off the raw edges.  While the red of the applique is a slightly darker color than the red of the stole, the gold trim bridges the color gap, and the colors blend together nicely, creating a subtle gradation.