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Welcome to the world of embroidery! This beautiful art has fascinated people for centuries. In embroidery, you use a needle and thread to stitch patterns onto fabric, creating a variety of decorative items like clothing and home decorations. The great thing about embroidery is that anyone can learn it, regardless of skill level. All you need is a needle, thread, and some fabric, and you’re ready to start! It’s a fun and relaxing activity that you can do alone or with others, and you’ll always have something to be proud of.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for embroidery designs for religious use, Ecclesiastical Sewing is the perfect place to find them. We offer motifs ideal for churches, including crosses, chi-rho symbols, vines, and other religious designs. Whether you’re decorating a church altar or making vestments for a clergy member, Ecclesiastical Sewing has the collection designs for you.

Using embroidery for religious purposes can be fulfilling and essential. People appreciate well-made religious items, so turning your embroidery hobby into a meaningful contribution to religious ceremonies is an excellent idea. You can create religious items that people appreciate and that contribute to religious ceremonies.

Indeed, embroidery is a beautiful and rewarding art form that anyone can learn. Whether you’re looking to create religious items or just want to embroider for fun, Ecclesiastical Sewing has the embroidery designs you need to get started. So grab your needle and thread, and let’s get stitching!

Embroidering with Laid Silk Thread

Under Way with First Stitches!

The choice of thread for the initial work is Soie Ovale in Creme, a large-size spool from Thistle Threads. This thread is employed as a laid thread to fill the background around the lilies in the four corners of the circles. The laid work with flat silk requires a steady rhythm. The areas between the lilies, expected to be tedious, turn out to be enjoyable and are progressing well. Despite occasional challenges, the stitching is underway, bringing the project to life.

Hand Embroidery Design Framed Up

Hand Embroidery Design Framed Up

Framing the Ecclesiastical Embroidery design for the Pulpit fall in progress. A cross with floral motifs, Chi-Rho, and lilies will adorn this piece., considering the fabric’s brocade backdrop. The original floral details may evolve into goldwork threads for a stunning effect. The framed design offers a space to experiment with colors and ideas. Excitement builds for this Easter Ecclesiastical Vestment set, with plans to baste layers and provide a protective cover soon.

Ecclesiastical Sewing Blog

All in a Day’s Work

Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design project for the Easter Pulpit Fall is underway. The linen is now framed up, and the pouncing and tracing will soon be complete. Utilizing the Millennium Frames from Needle Needs for the first time, a short video tutorial was a helpful guide. Framing proved a bit tricky with two layers—the Alabaster Linen from Hedgehog Handworks and a layer of Kona Cotton for backing and support. flipping the frame to the backside ensured proper alignment and support for the lining fabric.

Ecclesiastical embroidery project, Technical Difficulties and Framing Dilemmas

Technical Difficulties and Framing Dilemmas

Embroidery framing plans face setbacks due to sizing mismatches with Millennium and Evertite Frames. Technical challenges require a new approach. The starting a new Ecclesiastical embroidery project continues with optimism, but obstacles emerge in frame selection and sizing. Despite encountering disappointments the determination to overcome these challenges and find suitable solutions remains steadfast.

cross embroidery pattern

Late Night Progress

Late-night progress in the Ecclesiastical Embroidery project involves perforating the cross pattern for the Purificator. The “prick and pounce” technique is employed, creating tiny, close-together holes for accurate design transfer. A homemade tool, a size 12 crewel needle in a cork, proves effective for this task. The small pattern size contributes to a quicker perforation process.

Embroidery Colored Floss

New  Embroidery Frames Mean New Projects

New Embroidery Frames Mean New Projects: Millennium Frames from Needle Needs arrived, beginning of a new Ecclesiastical Embroidery project. The chosen design, a pulpit fall for the Easter Vestment Set, is sourced from a vintage German book dating back to 1902. This unique treasure has undergone slight modifications to enhance simplicity. Linen options—Alba Maxima, Alabaster Angel, and Ecclesiastical Linen from Hedgehog Handwork. finalizing linen and floss colors, for another ecclesiastical artwork.

The Littlest Lamb in The Tale of Two Lambs

The Littlest Lamb in The Tale of Two Lambs

Making of the Littlest Lamb in The Tale of Two Lambs. Created on Alba Maxima linen from Hedgehog Handworks, this lamb comes to life with stitches and delicate shading. The linen provides a perfect canvas, and the project is stretched on an Evertite Frame. Various hand embroidery techniques, including long and short stitch shading, satin stitch, laid work, goldwork couching, split stitch, and stem stitch outlining, contribute to the lamb’s intricate details.

A Tale of Two Lambs Embroidery project on

The Tale of Two Lambs

“The Tale of Two Lambs” is about making special decorations for a church, like Easter cloths. At first, the results weren’t good so, learning more became the focus. The Angus Dei featuring two lambs—one small for a robe and one big for an altar cloth. The story is about learning and getting better at sewing with silk and gold threads, with more things to find out along the way.

Hand embroidery for Chalice Veil, Introducing Ecclesiastical Sewing Design

Introducing my new website Ecclesiastical Sewing

Welcome to Ecclesiastical Sewing! This site is dedicated to a passion for designing and creating Church Linens, vestments, and ecclesiastical embroidery projects. With a background in costume design, there’s exploration of couture and custom sewing techniques for Church Vestments. Stay tuned for updates on ongoing projects, Ecclesiastical Embroidery Designs, and tips for creating your own Church Vestment Projects.