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Funeral Vestments: Today many gathered in our Nation’s Capital to mourn the loss of Antonin Scalia.  We often fail to mourn the passing of those around us.  But today, we will pause and mourn with those who were in attendance at the funeral.

Today’s events were marked with the solemn dignity one expects at a State Funeral. The Clergy presiding over the service wore matching cream-colored vestments with tapestry orphreys.

The pall was also part of the same vestment set, with matching tapestry orphrey bands.

Another clergy in attendance at the funeral wore vestments such as surplices, dalmatic, tunic, and chasuble, among others, according to their role and position within the church.

The Rev. Paul Scalia, (son of the Supreme Court Justice),  gave the homily for today’s solemn service.  He wore a Cream colored chasuble with a tapestry v-shaped yoke and pillar orphrey.

Clergy robed in matching white chasubles lined the stairs to pay their last respects as the flag-draped coffin left the Cathedral. Our condolences and prayers go out to the members of the Scalia Family.

Solo Dei Gloria

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    • HI Lurline,
      The Urn pall is located here on the website.

      We will have a black version with a slightly different cross applique on the top shortly.

      Thanks for following along.

      Bet regards,

  1. Hi, Carrie:

    The service was not at National Cathedral. It was at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

    I think the choice of white or ivory vestment and paraments for funerals is rather recent, isn’t it? The vestments can be the same as those used for Easter, as a funeral is always also a celebration of Christ’s resurrection and our eternal life in him.

    I have seen a lot of accounts praising the “simplicity” of Justice Scalia’s funeral rite, and remarking on the lack of a eulogy. I wonder if people realize that this simplicity and beauty are traditional in the liturgy and in liturgical churches. Many priests and pastors will permit a eulogy if the family wants one, but it is certainly not required and not encouraged.

    • I forgot to mention – I love the way the yoke on Fr. Scalia’s chasuble is cut. With that busy tapestry pattern, they did an amazing job of balancing that tapestry across the garment.

      • I am so glad you noticed the placement of the tapestry on the yoke of the chasuble. The artistic use and placement of a pattern is a challenge, and I agree that it is a masterful job. I am so glad others picked up on that same design feature.