Red Wakefield Brocatelle Liturgical Fabrics

Wakefield Liturgical Fabric Ecclesiastical Sewing

Finding just the right fabric for any Liturgical Sewing project is always a challenge. At Ecclesiastical Sewing, we offer a fine assortment of lovely European Fabrics from one of the primer weaving companies in the business. Our weaver has been crafting liturgical fabrics for over 150 years! And their fabrics have stood the test of time. We often see pieces that were made 30, 50, 75, and even over 100 years ago using many of the same fabric patterns that we offer today.

Today, we would like to take a closer look at the lovey brocatelle fabric that has been woven in the Wakefield Pattern.

Wakefield Liturgical Fabric Ecclesiastical Sewing


The Wakefield Brocatelle Liturgical fabric features a large motif reminiscent of a pomegranate. It is surrounded by an array of floral, leaf, and goldwork motifs and accents.

Wakefield Brocatelle Details Ecclesiastical Sewing

The detail captured in the weaving process is a visual feast for those who love and enjoy fine details and craftsmanship. In the above photo, the accents are all woven using a satin stitch which mimics the appearance of hand embroidery.  The gold weaving, not to be left out, has been created using a twill look with black accents.

Wakefield Religious Liturgical Fabric Ecclesiastical Sewing

The main motif has a lovely gold border accent. Smaller gold border accents surround the smaller motifs. The gold work accents add a subtle shimmer that catches the light and makes one want to take a closer look to see all of the lovely details.

Wakefield Liturgical Brocade Ecclesiastical Sewing

Smaller floral motif accents add finishing touches to the larger motifs.

Wakefield is a wonderfully “usable” fabric that works well for adding accents to other projects. It cuts beautifully into orphrey bands. With care, almost every piece of the fabric can be used.

The large scale works well for large altar frontals, too. It can be used as the main fabric for altarpieces, chasubles, stoles, and more.

Red Gothic Chasuble Wakefield Brocade Ecclesiastical Sewing

When creating orphrey bands using the Wakefield Brocatelle, Dice braid is a nice trim option. The above chasuble shows how the motifs are centered on the chasuble and trimmed with red and gold dice braid.

Silk Damask Stoles St. Nicolas and Wakefield Liturgical Fabrics Ecclesiastical Swing

Wakefield is a lovely compliment to Rich silk Damask fabrics to create a timeless classic look. It is available is Ivory, Gold, Red, Green, Violet, Black, Royal Blue, and Light Blue.

Wakefield was selected for use as the orphrey bands for this timeless collection of Silk Damask stoles which are available in all of the liturgical colors.

Whether you are creating your own project or looking to have a piece handcrafted, Wakefield Liturgical Brocatelle is a wonderful fabric to consider for use as an accent or for an entire piece.

Please be sure to check out our website to view our entire line of elegant European and Domest fabrics and trims for your next Liturgical Sewing project.

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