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The Massachusetts Historical Society Exhibit

Once in a while we like to share information that relates to historical sewing techniques, and hand embroidery. Today we would like to share something that, while not specifically related to church vestment making, it is none the less related to preserving and recovering lost arts relating to hand embroidery. The techniques and skills are important to preserve so that we may all grow in our knowledge and skill in the field.

An email came in today about a special Kickstarter Campaign in the works by the Massachusetts Historical Society. They are arranging for an Exhibition of Historical Costumes and would like to publish a companion book that details information about the techniques, costumes and designs that will be on display. Patricia Nguyen from Thistle Threads is familiar with the project. And for those who know Patricia – there is no one better out there when it comes to restoring the lost art of historical hand embroidery!

So, here is the information from the Tricia Nguyen about the Kickstarter Campaign. If you would be so kind as to share this information among groups that you are involved with on your Facebook pages etc. And please be sure to click on the link to check out Tricia’s Blog for more information on the project. Thanks!

Soli Deo Gloria



Please visit our website at to see our complete line of liturgical fabrics and church vestments. You may also contact us through the online webpage to inquire about custom orders or vestments.

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  1. Great project and a wonderful subject for those of us who are interested in the history of creating beautiful sacramental garments for the church. There has been a short supply in recent years of
    books on the history of fabrics, techniques, and styles. I surely welcome the opportunity to purchase a new and comprehensive book on my favorite subject for my collection.
    Thanks for the notification.


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