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Summer has finally arrived and with it, beautiful weather. And while much has been missed during the past few months, families can once again enjoy time spent together with loved ones.

During the past few months, Ecclesiastical Sewing, like many small family businesses, has worked hard to continue to serve the church with the creation of custom items and to aid those interested in creating their own items. Many of our suppliers were shut down or had reduced hours, and we are thankful for the kind understanding and support of our wonderful clients during the past months.

We have been working hard behind the scene to continue to provide beautiful vestments for your worship community. In addition to supplying a stunning collection of liturgical fabrics and trims for creating church altar hangings, banners, and vestments, we are pleased to announce that we offer a stunning collection of liturgical art prints as well as gift items.

In a few short weeks, many of us look forward to celebrating Father’s Day. For those looking for something that will be enjoyed by your special father every day, please consider selecting the perfect gift of a Giclée print. You may be asking what is a Giclée print? Giclée prints are the archival standard used by museums and galleries to reproduce fine art. The images are printed on Hahnemuehle fine art paper and are ready for framing to suit your decor. The prints are signed by the artist, and are shipped within a few days of the order receipt.

Our selection of prints includes the Six Chief Parts:


The Prodigal Son which celebrates the joy of a father at the return of a child.


The Prodigal Son Artwork Edward Riojas at Ecclesiastical Sewing

St. Michael Contending:



St. Michael Artwork Print Edward Riojas at Ecclesiastical Sewing

And The Vineyard.

Vineyard by Edward Riojas Liturgical Art Print Ecclesiastical Sewing

These are just a few of the Liturgical Artwork Giclée Prints that are available. The prints come in assorted sizes, too!

Along with the prints, check out our other  gift items such as baptismal certificates, ordination certificates, and Luther’s Sacristy Prayer.

And when in doubt, we also offer gift certificates!

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