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Blood, Pelicans, Oxen?

Blood, Pelicans, Oxen?: So, what was with the red for the holy week?! OX BLOOD!

Let’s talk…

The use of “Ox Blood”, a deep, dark red, is a practice observed from Palm Sunday through Maundy Thursday in many traditional settings, symbolizing the Passion of Jesus Christ during the final two weeks of Lent and leading up to Easter. This specific hue serves to remind the faithful of the gravity and sacrifice of Christ’s crucifixion, distinct from the brighter reds associated with the celebration of Pentecost, ordinations, and confirmations

Passion Chasuble for Holy Week
Passion Chasuble for Holy Week

The creation of the set featured in this email is a tale of serendipity and artistic revival. Our journey began with a singular post on our Facebook page, where we shared an image of a unique chasuble crafted in 2021 for a beloved and longstanding friend of our studio. We intended this piece as a testament to our creative spirit and friendship, crafting it as a one-off creation.

Yet, fate had other plans. To our surprise, the chasuble caught the eye of an admirer, compelling them to reach out with a request not only for the chasuble itself but for an expanded set including two matching single-column orphrey chasubles and three coordinated stoles.

Passion Chasuble with Y orphrey arms
Passion Chasuble with Y orphrey arms

Design Symbolism

Red Chasuble for Holy Week, Passion chasuble
Passion chasuble

This exquisite set is built upon the elegant foundation of our Red Winchester brocade, paired with the stark contrast of Black Litchfield brocade for the orphrey bands, and highlighted by the shimmering Rayon Gold/Gold Ecclesia Trim. However, the heart and soul of the design lie in the captivating motif of the mother pelican feeding her young, a narrative steeped in symbolism and lore.

Christians have embraced the legend of the pelican for generations, finding profound representation in its symbolism of sacrificial love and redemption, despite its absence from scripture. It tells of a mother pelican willing to wound herself, offering her blood as sustenance for her children in times of famine. This powerful imagery serves as an allegory for Christ’s ultimate sacrifice, shedding His blood for the salvation of humanity, embodying themes of rebirth, salvation, and unconditional love that are central to the Christian faith.

Red Liturgical Vestments, Passion Chasubles for Holy Week
Deep Red Winchester Brocade
Passion Chasubles for Holy Week Deep Red Winchester Brocade

The Pelican: A Symbol of Love and Sacrifice

Dubbed “the pelican in her piety,” this emblem has held a place of reverence since the Middle Ages, adorning churches and manuscripts as a poignant reminder of Christ’s passion and the boundless love that fuels the believer’s journey. The misinterpretation of the pelican’s nurturing act, once perceived as self-harm, has evolved into a symbol of selflessness and compassionate care, mirroring Christ’s teachings on love and sacrifice.

Red Liturgical Vestments, Passion Week Chasuble and stoles
Passion Week Chasuble and stoles

From the richly woven threads of medieval artistry to the enduring symbols of contemporary Christian faith, the pelican remains a beacon of self-sacrifice and nurturing love, beautifully encapsulated in the design of this special set. It stands as a tribute to our studio’s commitment to blending tradition with personal significance, crafting pieces that resonate with the deep, enduring tenets of faith and fellowship.


Soli Deo Gloria

Lent Passion Chasuble in Scarlet and Black | Pastor Priest Chasuble

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